Welcome to the new-look site

I think it keeps with the hackerspace ethos if I upload it to the live server and roll with what I have. In my defense, the 091 Labs site had a great quantity of plugins used down through the years. Even loading this theme on the front page for the first time produced some bizarre results.

Right now:

  • The header is wonky in Internet Explorer 11 because of how it handles smooth scrolling.
  • The sidebar and nav options are woefully incomplete. The CSS and logic are there, but need to be connected.
  • I need to style sidebar items.
  • There is an extra checkbox, sometimes, in the comments section, put there by an old plugin.
  • No calendar or events roll.
  • The header could be more usable at mobile sizes.

And so on.

The point is that the site is now a work in progress. Please tread lightly, and report broken features to @091labs on Twitter.

Or simply leave a comment here. All feedback, queries, reports, and comments are welcome! The code is GPL and available on GitHub.

Site of olde, arise from thy grave

The dead...arise!

The site is currently being the sole beneficiary of a behind-the-scenes updates. An abridged, combined status and changelog:

  • Calendar is broken. Needs to be fixed. Fixed by me, fix fixed by Barry.
  • “Contact” held no useful information. Removed. Contact information will be appended to “Above”.
  • Duplicate Membership form page deprecated. Will be combined with Membership Information page.
  • Photo gallery was broken. Removed until I can fix it.
  • We had four Twitter plugins and six traffic-tracking plugins. All bar one deactivated ahead of consolidation. Sidebar widget restored.
  • New theme, Elegant Grunge, installed.