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June 15th Meetup

Thanks to everyone who made this weeks meetup. A lively conversation took place about the FUD surrounding the fragmentation of the iPhone and Android platforms. Anthony and Bill recommended watching coverage of Google I/O 2010 and spoke about various apps currently in development for the Android platform. With the growing number of Android handsets among […]

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Best way to predict our future is make it

Many thanks to everyone that made our weekly meetup. Dara demoed his arduino and the cube kit he built to use with it. We spent half the meetup talking about how it worked, what it could be used for and how 091 labs could make their own for a couple of euros! People leaving were […]

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May 11th Meetup

Many thanks to transformative tech thinker and writer Tom Murphy for taking an interest in what we are doing. His post over on SocialMedia.net and the conversations it has started are very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who made last nights meetup. Our two newest additions to 091 Labs shared their projects with us. Ernestas […]

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