[Talk] The technical side of running a top-level domain name registrar

Hi all,

This coming Wednesday, 24th October, at 8pm we’re going to have someone coming in to give a talk on the technical side of running a top-level domain name registrar. That’s as much information as we can give right now but we recommend you come down if you want to learn a few things! We’ll try to give more info in the coming days.

Entry will be €5 and will go towards the redesign of our new space which is also where the talk will be on!

New 091 Labs location on Flood Street

One to watch: Bill Buxton talk

Bill Buxton Image
Bill Buxton

Bill Buxton, for anyone who doesn’t already know, is a Principle Researcher at Microsoft Research, and before this turns off the linux folk, he is one of my top 10 most passionate and interesting speakers. He has some incredible insight into the history of design of technologies, and a theory called the long nose: he reckons technology inventions have been around in some shape or form for 20 years before they hit mainstream.

At this recent talk in Copenhagen, he talks about the Natural User Interface, NUI: What’s in a name, and it’s well worth a watch for anyone interested in looking at the world with new eyes, especially those interested in interface design and product creation.

He is a collector so he shows some amazing geekery that he has accumulated, including some nifty casio watches that had touch screens way back in 1984.

It’s an hour and 30 minutes of your life you will not regret!

Here is a link again: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/TechTalk-NUI-Whats-in-a-Name

P.S: I have his book, Sketching User Experience, for anyone who wants to borrow it, but I want it back! :)

Maria Honig and the Southern Ocean

Hey everyone, you should join us for Maria’s talk on Monday at 7pm.

Maria Honig

Sailing away from Cape Town’s shores on the 17th of September 2008, there was no certainty of me visiting all the magical places I had seen in photographs and coffee table books. As a marine biologist and avid seabird lover, it was my dream to observe albatrosses during their short visits to pristine sub-Antarctic islands scattered in the southern ocean.

No sooner had I discovered that it was possible to sail there, I initiated a process that would take me on a voyage that I would never forget. In my talk I will give you a maritime glimpse of my adventures to lands surrounding the most productive oceanic corner of the Southern Ocean, the Scotia Sea. After hitchhiking to the Falkland Islands, I crewed on expedition yachts to South Georgia, the Beagle channel, Cape Horn and finally Antarctica. Notes on the geography, climate, oceanography, history, demographics, wildlife and some quirky stories during my month-long stays will inspire the adventurer in you.

Some boats offered luxury, some boats offered warmth, some boats offered security, but none offered all of the above. The Southern Ocean is an unmerciful force of nature, a challenge for any sailor who dares attempt to discover its glorious jewels!

Please join me, Maria Honig, as I take you through my photographic quest.

Web development talk cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Richard Conroy has been forced to cancel his talk tonight. In its place, Adrian Avendano will instead be holding a short workshop on the employment of Java in web development.

091 Labs sincerely apologizes for this change of schedule.

Hackerspace Week workshop: Writing Light

I’m only 24 slides in and I’ve already garnered a mention in today’s issue of the Galway Independent as part of their larger article on 091 Labs. This is a scary level of obligation.

On Sunday August 15 coming, I (email) will be at the Labs for a 6pm talk on the history of the camera obscura, the historical precursors of photography, the evolution of photography as its own art, the modern state of photography and what its future paths and perils might be.

Also: Build your own camera obscura to take home with you at the end of the night! Reenact your carefree childhood days with craft scissors and paper glue.

Admission and Pre-booking

Members: Free!
Unwaged/Student: €8
General Public: €10

You can find the full details of this and 091 Labs’ other Irish Hackerspace Week workshops on our public calendar.