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Tuesday Open Night 8 April 2014

091 Labs weekly Tuesday open night is tonight. The open discussion on simple OOP for novice programmers continues, this week small apps will be built with Processing. Some electronics projects will also be worked on and there will be some 3D Printing demos. join us for a coffee and see what we are all about. […]

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Processing and Arduino Meetup

Thursday 26th at 4pm is the first Processing and Arduino meetup at 091Labs. From Thursday 2nd September on we will be meeting regularly once a week at 6pm in the space. For starters we will be following the O’Reilly Online course ‘Processing and Arduino in Tandem’ Creating Your Own Digital Art Tools Starting Tuesday 31st […]

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Teh Workstation

I’ll start with a shout-out to Barry for providing me blog access! Hello, world. My name is Mark and to describe what I do in inscrutably technical terms, I take photographs. Most of the time, I’ll go out into the real world to photograph skies or trees or ruined buildings. Some of the time I’ll […]

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