Ignite Galway #8

Ignite is a event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes. Come down to Kelly’s bar on 27 of March at 20:00 for Ignite Galway #8.


Event Info

Ignite Galway #5 – Wednesday, April 24th at 8pm

ignite_galway-01Sticking to our goal to try to have one every two months for the rest of the year, we’re going to be running the next Ignite Galway session on Wednesday, April 24th, (next week) at 8pm, Upstairs at Kelly’s Bar.

To explain Ignite, I’m just going to steal completely from Oisin’s post for the last one!

Ignite is a global lightning presentation format where speakers have five minutes and twenty timed slides to enlighten and inspire the audience about their chosen topic. Entry is €5 and the enlightenment is free!

We had 7 speakers at our last event in February (I was one of them!) and the rest did a great job =P The videos can be watched here. Over the last two events, we’ve had topics covering archaeology, science, maths, art, political satire, empowering creativity, gender equality, life foods, community involvement, movement building, and saving lives – zombies have also came up twice!


We’re still looking for more speakers for the event if anyone is interested. Here is what we need:

  • 5 minutes of you talking about something that interests you which you want to share with everyone.
  • 20 slides that we can run in the background (they’ll autoforward every 15 seconds).
  • The slides saved in .ppt, .odp, and .pdf because something always goes wonky.

That’s it! It’s really easy to get involved. Here is our advice for making a talk.

  • Figure out the story you want to tell, it can be whatever you want!
  • Write down the 5 main points you want to mention – that’s one minute each.
  • Get 4 pictures for each of those points that’ll help it flow in the background.
  • Turn the photos into slides and add some text if need be.
  • Tweak the above to your preference afterwards.

You don’t need to worry too much about perfection or making an everlasting masterpiece, we actually prefer our talks to be a bit rough and ready as the event itself. The aim is to have fun, have a laugh, have a pint, enjoy the night, and maybe learn something too =) If interested or would like some advice for it, drop me an email at padraic@091labs.com. Either way, I hope to see you all there next week!


Ignite Galway #4 – Wednesday February 27th from 8pm

Want to be inspired?

mg_8564-1_-2_-tiffadjust091 Labs will be presenting our fourth Ignite Galway event this Wednesday the 27th from 8pm at Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street, GalwayIgnite is a global lightning presentation format where speakers have five minutes and twenty timed slides to enlighten and inspire the audience about their chosen topic. Our previous Ignite Galway events were great fun and this time around we’ll have live music from local band Cotton Ball Three to spice things up.

Our last Ignite Galway featured speakers talking about a wide range of topics, from life foods to political satire to social media-driven performance art, all of which can be watched online in this handy Youtube playlist. This time we have a great mix of talks, including travel, photography and zombies. Entry is €5 and the enlightenment is free!

If all this has gotten you thinking about giving a talk of your own we are still accepting submissions – all you need is to be passionate about your topic and have twenty slides to run in the background. In fact, here is an Ignite talk about giving Ignite talks! It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding, so if you’re interested get in touch by sending an email to padraic@091labs.com.


SUIT UP! for Ignite Galway – Thursday, October 13th – 8.30pm until late

Ever want to go an event to get inspired by passionate people who share their ideas over a pint? That’s exactly how Ignite talks works and, since their creation in 2006, they have spanned the world showcasing new thinking and inspiring stories with some of the most random entertainment along the way.

Ignite Galway returns on Thursday, October 13th, with doors opening at 8.30pm and speakers from 9pm, in the classy surroundings of Upstairs at Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street, Galway and happens to coincide with International Suit Up Day, a light-hearted global event spawned from the hit TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ encouraging people to get together with friends, SUIT UP! and go have the craic.

Ignite speakers have to get their idea across in 5 minutes flat with only aided by twenty projected slides that will auto-advance every 15 seconds. There is no time for waffle.

The caliber of the speakers arranged for Ignite Galway is guaranteed to fire your imagination and the night will have some live music thrown in as well! Have a look below at the tremendous speakers lined up for Thursday:

  • Mike Hennelly, juggler, scientist, and the man responsible for Galway Zombie Walk will talk on more ways to raise for charity than you could shake a bucket at.
  • Allan Cavanagh, (@AllanCavanagh) Galway-based cartoonist with contributions to papers and magazines both at home and abroad, he has more than a passing interest in politics. In his talk ‘POLITICS (YAWN)’, he will be looking at conventional notions of politics, and why he disagrees with them.
  • Michael Madden, (@michaelgmadden) NUIG lecturer, veteran of Ignite Dublin, and father of 3 is speaking on ‘Probably Approximately Confused’ – how it is so difficult for people to reliably estimate and reason with probability, even for those whose job it is!
  • Finn Delaney, (@finndelaney) senior archaeologist for Eachtra will discuss the rise and fall of archaeology through the boom and bust and today’s technology. ‘Archaeology 2.0’ – It’s not your parents’ Time Team anymore!
  • Oisin Greaney, (@UshG) occasional pirate, bookseller and 091 Labs member will talk on Transhumanism, how technological innovation is changing mankind and what the future brings.
  • Máiréad Ní Chróinín, (@MaireadNC) artist in residence at Nun’s Island Theatre and the mind behind the energetic ‘Galway loves Theatre’ event will be talking about the various types of performances that use mobile phones.
  • Frantisek Apfelbeck, (@algoldor) Alaskan fisherman, Genetic Engineer and alumni of Noisebridge hackerspace San Francisco wants to tell you more about ‘Life Foods’ and the effect of probiotics and prebiotics on the human body.
  • Evert Bopp, (@thenext100k) start-up mentor, trainer, wifi guy, founder of Greenhouse Ireland and Haiti Connect, and avid Twitter user will be explaining ‘The value of data in disaster response’.

Ignite Galway is a fundraising event for 091 Labs. Any money raised will go towards the upkeep of the space to help us stay open during the cold winter months.

Ignite Galway is for anyone who wants to laugh, talk and be inspired. Whether you want to start your own business, discover local luminaries, have a wild and wonderful sense of curiosity, or simply fancy a decent night out; this is the event for you. Admission is €5, suits are optional and the enlightenment is free!

Ignite Galway, October 13th. Want to speak?

091 Labs will be running Ignite Galway for the first time this year on Thursday October 13th @ 9pm in Kelly’s Bar and we’re looking for speakers!

What is Ignite? According to their website, “It’s a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have an idea”.

Each speaker is given 5 minutes and 20 powerpoint slides to talk on a subject they are passionate about. All talks get recorded and put up online later for the rest of the world to watch.

A speaker can be anyone who has a good story to tell, be they artists, chefs, coders, comedians, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, musicians, photographers, students, technologists, thinkers and everything else!

If you (or someone you know) would be interested in giving a talk and spreading an idea or volunteering or sponsoring the event, please email padraic@091labs.com =)

For more info on Ignite, check out http://ignite.oreilly.com/ and http://igniteshow.com/ for videos from other Ignites.