Dune, November 1 @ 9pm

This post comes to you a little belatedly, but tonight from 9pm we will be hosting a showing of David Lynch’s epic 1984 adaption of Frank Herbert’s equally epic science-fiction novel, Dune.

In the far-flung universe of Dune, two ancient Houses are locked in a bitter struggle for control of the most precious of commodities, the drug Melange. Melange, known as the Spice, is a narcotic that extends life indefinitely, boosts vitality, and in high doses unlocks shocking mental powers:

The Bene Gesserit, a quasi-religious order of women who ostensibly strive for the betterment of Mankind, use the Spice to unlock the body’s ancestral genetic memories and superior reasoning faculties.

The Spacing Guild, clannish mariners of the ultimate sea, forcibly feed their Navigators massive amounts of Spice until the hypersaturation of Space in their body cruelly mutates the Navigator; the Spice twists their form until they cannot live outside of a life support tank, like nothing so much a fish in a glass bowl. However, these same mutations grant the Navigator near-immortality and the power to crest Time itself, to see into the future and safely guide their Heighliners to port through all perils.

Balancing the power and influence of the Bene Gesserit and the Spacing Guild are the Imperium of Man, ruled by an all-powerful Emperor, and the multitude of Houses that comprise the Landsraad Council.

As Dune opens, the venerable House Atreides, a House Major of the Landsraad led by the compassionate Duke Leto, are preparing to move from their ancestral home of Caladan in order to take control of Arrakis, the blasted desert world that is the only known source in the Universe of the Spice.

But House Atreides will not go to Arrakis unopposed…

He who controls the Spice, controls the Universe.

Event added for hackerspace week: Short film screening & Movie Night

This Sunday @ 7pm we will be showing a few short films by local artists, followed by a screening of the first episode of Pioneer One.

We haven’t finalised a list, but it looks as though we’ll have 5 or 6 short films averaging 2 to 3 minutes in length. If you have a late submission get in touch using the contact form.

Pioneer One is a crowd-sourced low-budget production by Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith. The funds for the project were raised through Kickstarter.