Nov 21 2011

Python for Non-Programmers – Monday, November 28th @ 7.30pm


We’re going to be running a two night class on ‘Python for Non-Programmers’ in the Labs. The two nights in question are next Monday, November 28th and the following Monday, December 5th.

This class is intended for those who have either never programmed before or are looking for a bit of a push to start learning Python. It’ll be covering the basics of programming (variables, strings, loops, arrays, functions, etc) using Python 3. In January we’ll be doing a longer Beginner Python course for those who are interested and later again, Intermediate Python.

First class starts at 7.30pm on the 28th and will run until 10pm. The first half hour is installation of the programs we’ll be using for the class. The rest of the time will be spent learning.

Second class will start at 8pm on the 5th and will also run until 10pm. This will be continuing on from where we left off the previous week.

We would ask that those who are coming along to arrive a little early, just in case.

Each class will be €2 for 091 Labs members and €4 for non-members.

If anyone has any questions, join our public mailing list and ask us there!

Nov 19 2011

What if we ran an 80’s advertising campaign?


Oct 11 2011

Rupture: Street Fighter Tournament. Saturday, 15th October.



Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Tournament

While first person shooters and war games grew more and more popular over the years, there is one genre that always stood proud in the world of competitive gaming. That is – the fighting game genre!

With regular tournaments being held all over Ireland (including Dublin and Cork), it’s time Galway got it’s chance to fight the good fight.

Rupture will be held in 091 Labs (above Kennedy’s pub) in Eyre Square on Saturday 15th October, where Galway’s finest fighters can battle it out on a number of Xbox 360’s to prove their worth in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. With a €10 entrance fee and a chance to win quite a bit more, Rupture will be an incredibly intense and fun competition, as players are travelling from all over to compete. And for the full effect, we’ll be showing the grand finals on a big screen!

Registry will take place between 12-1pm on Saturday 15th October, with the tournament starting soon afterwards. So be sure to turn up early to secure your place in the tournament, and to warm up with a few casual fights too.

Oct 11 2011

SUIT UP! for Ignite Galway – Thursday, October 13th – 8.30pm until late


Ever want to go an event to get inspired by passionate people who share their ideas over a pint? That’s exactly how Ignite talks works and, since their creation in 2006, they have spanned the world showcasing new thinking and inspiring stories with some of the most random entertainment along the way.

Ignite Galway returns on Thursday, October 13th, with doors opening at 8.30pm and speakers from 9pm, in the classy surroundings of Upstairs at Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street, Galway and happens to coincide with International Suit Up Day, a light-hearted global event spawned from the hit TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ encouraging people to get together with friends, SUIT UP! and go have the craic.

Ignite speakers have to get their idea across in 5 minutes flat with only aided by twenty projected slides that will auto-advance every 15 seconds. There is no time for waffle.

The caliber of the speakers arranged for Ignite Galway is guaranteed to fire your imagination and the night will have some live music thrown in as well! Have a look below at the tremendous speakers lined up for Thursday:

  • Mike Hennelly, juggler, scientist, and the man responsible for Galway Zombie Walk will talk on more ways to raise for charity than you could shake a bucket at.
  • Allan Cavanagh, (@AllanCavanagh) Galway-based cartoonist with contributions to papers and magazines both at home and abroad, he has more than a passing interest in politics. In his talk ‘POLITICS (YAWN)’, he will be looking at conventional notions of politics, and why he disagrees with them.
  • Michael Madden, (@michaelgmadden) NUIG lecturer, veteran of Ignite Dublin, and father of 3 is speaking on ‘Probably Approximately Confused’ – how it is so difficult for people to reliably estimate and reason with probability, even for those whose job it is!
  • Finn Delaney, (@finndelaney) senior archaeologist for Eachtra will discuss the rise and fall of archaeology through the boom and bust and today’s technology. ‘Archaeology 2.0′ – It’s not your parents’ Time Team anymore!
  • Oisin Greaney, (@UshG) occasional pirate, bookseller and 091 Labs member will talk on Transhumanism, how technological innovation is changing mankind and what the future brings.
  • Máiréad Ní Chróinín, (@MaireadNC) artist in residence at Nun’s Island Theatre and the mind behind the energetic ‘Galway loves Theatre’ event will be talking about the various types of performances that use mobile phones.
  • Frantisek Apfelbeck, (@algoldor) Alaskan fisherman, Genetic Engineer and alumni of Noisebridge hackerspace San Francisco wants to tell you more about ‘Life Foods’ and the effect of probiotics and prebiotics on the human body.
  • Evert Bopp, (@thenext100k) start-up mentor, trainer, wifi guy, founder of Greenhouse Ireland and Haiti Connect, and avid Twitter user will be explaining ‘The value of data in disaster response’.

Ignite Galway is a fundraising event for 091 Labs. Any money raised will go towards the upkeep of the space to help us stay open during the cold winter months.

Ignite Galway is for anyone who wants to laugh, talk and be inspired. Whether you want to start your own business, discover local luminaries, have a wild and wonderful sense of curiosity, or simply fancy a decent night out; this is the event for you. Admission is €5, suits are optional and the enlightenment is free!

Sep 22 2011

Galway Culture Night @ 091Labs


Galway Culture Night091 Labs is taking part in Galway Culture Night this Friday, September 23rd from 6pm until late (but officially 8pm).

Everyone is invited to come down and have a look at the space!

We’re going to be showing off some bits and pieces made by our members and they’ll be sporting some of their homebrew and food too. We’ll be showing you the basics of soldering with some of Part Fusion‘s I Can Solder badges and we’re going to be building or ‘testing’ our MAME arcade game cabinet on the night as well.

As a bit of fun, we’re also going to be making LED Throwies and, once it gets dark and we’ve made a good pile of them, we’ll be heading outside and covering Eyre Square’s Galway Hooker Monument in them!

Galway Hooker Monument

The National Communications & Computer Museum will be opening for Culture Night tomorrow and, in particular, they’ll be dedicating the night to the many years of arcade gaming! They, too, will be open from 6pm to 8pm and we recommend you try to get to it.

There will be buses traveling between all the different venues so have a look on the Culture Night site to get more details about transport and everything else happening event-wise.