091 Labs is funded soley through membership payments and donations. That is why we are the masters of our own destiny!

There are a few ways you can donate to us, here are some of the ways you can give us money. They generally involve these steps.
1. Select a payment option
2. You will be directed to the relevant checkout to confirm your payment.
3. Thank you! You will get a confirmation e-mail to confirm your payment is successful.

Pay Your Membership Fee Through Paypal

€35 + Paypal fee Regular (1 Month) [wp_cart_button name=”Regular Payment” price=”41.44″]
€25 + Paypal fee of €1.03 Student or Unemployed (1 Month) (+ ) [wp_cart_button name=”Student/Unemployed Payment” price=”21.03″]
€150 + Paypal fee of €5.45 Bulk payment – (6 Months – save €30) [wp_cart_button name=”Student/Unemployed Payment” price=”155.45″]

One-off Donate Through Paypal

Donate any amount you like

If you would like to send money through online banking or set up a standing order, you can use the following details.

Bank Details

Bank: Allied Irish Bank (AIB)
Branch: University Branch, Newcastle Road, Galway City
Sort Code: 93-74-36
Account #: 14759093

For transparency, all financial records are opening to viewing and inspection by any member, upon request.