Knitting Circle’s Next Meeting – Sat 14th September @ 4pm

The knitting circle will have its next meeting at the labs on Saturday, 14th September from 4 to 7pm. The knitting circle is open to knitters of all skill levels. It provides a social and collaborative workspace, and help is available for people just starting out.  Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month.

All attendees are encouraged to bring their own supplies, although a few spares are available. Attendance is free for members, and €2 for everyone else. All money goes to the upkeep of the Labs. Any questions can be directed to maraley42 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Board Games Gaeilge

Beidh oíche de cluichí boird sa phríomhsheomra ag 19:00 ar Chéadaoin 28 Lúnasa.
Fáilte roimh cách. Ní gá Ghaeilge maith, nó fiú Ghaeilge ar bith a bheith agat le páirt a ghlacadh. Imreoimis na cluichí, agus tabharfaidh an Ghaeilge aire di fhéin.

There will be a board games night through Irish in the main room at 19:00 on Wednesday 28th August.
All welcome. No need for good or any Irish to participate. We’ll play the games, and let the Irish take care of itself.

Homebrewing Classes and Tutorials



Starting on the 17th of August 091 Labs will be hosting beginner brewing workshops with a local home brewer every Saturday for a period of 4 weeks (or until the end brews are ready to collect).

The cost of this workshop is €25pp and you will get to bring home 20 bottles/20 pints/10 litres of their brew at the end of the course.  You can also buy another starter kit at the end at cost price (€35) to do your own home homebrewing!
The course will be run with 2 people per brew kit (basically sharing the workload and end product brew).

You can register for the event on Facebook here or email



Please note that there will be a minimum of ten attendees so it is important to get in touch with us to confirm your place.

Week 1: (First meeting) – you will sit down with Geoff, homebrewer extraordinaire, who will explain the differences between the  different kinds of beers, explain the process of brewing (fermentation, bottling etc) and a trip to local craft beer pub The Salthouse for examples of beer styles (there will be a charge of €2 per attendee for sample platters). Attendees will pick what type of type of brew you want to make for the classes.

Week 2: The brewing proper begins.
Week 3, 4 or maybe 5: Teaching of proper bottling sterilisation and bottling of brew until it is completed.

The brewing classes will take place in the homebrewing corner of our hardware area at 091 Labs and tutorials/discussions will be held in the main room, usually for a few hours from noon on the Saturday. The brew buckets and other equipment will be supplied and stored in the brewing area.

This is a strictly over-18s event, ID will be required if necessary.



First Crafting Day – 10th of August

We’re trying something new at the Labs, and holding a crafting day. The idea is to have a day dedicated to some of our less technology-oriented pursuits. So this Saturday, the Labs should be open for most of the day, with some kind of crafting activity going on. The monthly knitting group will go ahead as usual, from 4 to 7. In addition, a group will be building a small mangonel, in the TNT (Totally Not Toys) workshop. Other events may be added. Everyone should feel free to stop by. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or reach me at maraley42 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Learn to program in the Linux shell from August 19!


Linux scripting and programming courses @091labs.
Four weeks, four classes, beginning August 19, 7pm.

Subjects include:

  • The fundamentals of computer programming.
  • Installation and maintenance of a Linux system.
  • Bash shell syntax, structures, and pipelines.
  • Practical tasks for shell scripts.
  • Passing data to and from binary programs.
  • Binary shell programming with C#/Mono.


  • Laptop computer.
  • Installation media (USB key, CD-R or DVD-R).


  • €40 general rate for the full workshop.
  • €20 reduced rate for hackerspace members and students.

For more information, contact or visit:

Bare blurbs aside, I plan to use Ubuntu for this, and start off by showing people how to install Linux on their laptop. If they survive that (and the scary liability release for my assistance), delve into Boolean logic, basic structures, and hopefully devote most of my time to doing cool and practical things with the Bash shell.

I don’t intend to handhold through the Linux installation: If you want to program or script with Linux, I expect that you at least be comfortable enough to partition your laptop and install it. I really recommend that you come into this workshop with either a function Linux installation, OS X installation, or a Cygwin installation so you can begin working immediately – example code I use will be usable in both environments (except for the respective path differences).

The Big Topics of the shell workshop include:

  • Refreshment on elementary subjects: Boolean logic, Linux and its shell.
  • Input and output (STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR), and redirection.
  • Pipelines, and using them to build workflows.
  • Parsing, searching, and appending to files.
  • Coding standards and best practices.
  • Everyday uses and examples of shell scripts.
  • Including your own binary programs (C#/Mono) in your workflow. I will cover basics of this.

Come one, come all, and geek out to your heart’s content. :)