We accept donations of all sorts. If there's something you're interested in donating, please get in touch.

We are currently looking for of the following items. If you can donate any of these items, please get in touch. Also, we should be monitoring the Galway Freecycle list to see if any of these show up.

  • Soldering irons and rolls of solder
  • Drills and tools
  • Safety Goggles/Lab Coats?
  • Tea-towels
  • Carbon Monoxide alarm
  • Sheetfeed or flatbed scanner
  • Magazine racks (a good place to leave magazines for perusal or reading)
  • USB microscope portable projector. We want to project paper wireframes.
  • interactive whiteboard
  • Roomba
  • (Better) Hoover


This list is incomplete, if your name is missing please contact us.

Thanks to the following people for donating items to us:

  • John Breslin for donating desks, shelves, notice board and equipment
  • Peter Corrigan for donating couches and books
  • John Coughlan for donating couches and fridge
  • Cian Curran for the whiteboard
  • Barbara Dunne for donating crafting materials
  • Mic Fitzgerald for donating laptops
  • Gerry Kavanagh for servers and oscilloscope.
  • Alan Keaveney for the Coffee Machine
  • Dave Kelly for donating books
  • Colin Lafferty for donating a much-needed multimeter
  • Marcus Quinlan and all at Branar Drámaíochta for both man power and van power when sourcing the materials for the phone box and for the light in the lockup.
  • Laura Wilkins for the Ubuntu book donation.

Thanks are also due to the Galway Bakery Company and their staff who went above and beyond the call of duty in facilitating us when we were hosting our early meetings in their fine establishment.

Also, thanks to all of the people who loaned or donated books for our library.

A huge thank you to GMIT for their continued support!

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