General Space Upkeep

Every member is expected to clean up after themselves, i.e.:

  1. Wash out cups you've used
  2. Clean coffee machine after use
  3. Wipe down microwave if you make a mess in it
  4. Dispose of your own refuse
  5. Change bins if the current one is full
  6. Tidy away tools/materials if used
  7. Ensure that you tidy up after non-members you bring into the space

If a members sees another person in the space make a mess and not clean it up, it is the duty of that member to tell that person to sort their shit out.

First In
  • Check for post
  • Open the windows
  • If needed, give the place a quick hoover
End of the Night
  • While there are still 2-3 members left in the Space, members should work together to do a quick clean of the space.
    • This entails:
      • Wiping down tables and desks
      • If bin bags are fill, tie/seal them and drop outside the outside entrance.
Last Out
  • Make sure that
    • Lights and heaters are off
    • Windows closed
    • Water heater switched off
    • Double-check that full bins are left out
    • Lock all doors
  • Make themselves available to provide access to the space to groups as necessary
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