DRAFT, heavily based on https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Press_Kit

Press contact: info@091labs.com.

Please include your deadline, topic/pitch, and link to your previous work. Mention any particular projects, people, technologies, or issues you'd like to talk about and we'll find you the right people.

We are located at Exchange House, Fairgreen Road, Galway.

We've gotten press coverage before, take a look.

What we do

091Labs is a hacker space.

Hacker, as in “people who like making new things and exploring how old ones work”. (See also these two essays.)

See our Events page for examples of what we do.

Probably the best time for press to come to the space to meet a lot of people would be during Social Night, our weekly open house. Of course, if any of our other events interest you, you can come to those also.

We ask that you first contact us at the press email above before coming to the space, and identify yourself as a member of the press to anyone you speak to. The easiest way to do this is to ask someone to introduce you to the group at the beginning of an event.

Please note that photography is not allowed in the space without the permission of the people being photographed.


Here are some projects that our members are or have been involved with:

<!– Please add stuff to the list below in alphabetical order. Remember, this is a list for *press*, not for hackers, so the first link must be to a site that immediately and clearly shows what the thing is all about, preferably with good pictures and video, even if they don't belong to the project's team. Links that show the back end stuff (e.g. schematics, theory, etc.) should be added as “details” links; see the examples for the Brain Machine and Northpaw anklet. –>

<!– Thanks to Noisebridge for inspiring this and providing a template https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Press_Kit –>

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