Padraic's To-Do

Not exactly what Padraic is to do - more of a general what Padraic is looking into or [thinks/knows] a member [can/is] [do/doing]… Feel free to take some of it off his hands…

Please don't remove anything on this list. Instead write a comment(s) after point(s) leaving your name and Padraic will address/edit it once he has a chance to read it. If something is completed, edit it to strikethrough and add your comment.


Padraic's Email



  • Incorporated Non-Profit?
    • Pros/Cons
    • Costs
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association



  • VAT - what's the story in general


  • Who/What/Where


  • Find out bin bag prices
    • Contacted:
        • General Refuse = Roll of 10, €2.80 per bag
        • Recycling = Roll of 25, €1.80 per bag

Waste will now be handled by City Bin.

How it works

  1. We order a roll of bags from City Bin.
  2. They deliver them the next day (usually).
  3. They charge our account.
  4. Direct Debit gets taken from our bank account with the cost of the bags ordered.
  5. Bins are collected from outside daily between 5am - 10am


Routine organise

  • Hoover in the morning if it's needed.
  • Tea-towel weekly wash
    • Someone takes the dirty towels home and does a quick washing of them

Stuff to clean

  • Pallets need to be return to the Warehouse Kavanagh
  • Light box to be returned to GMIT?
  • Remove contact sheets from glass (sticker remover from a hardware store will apparently dissolve the glue… or a heatgun for the pyros) – in progress, warm soapy water and a bit of elbow grease folks.
  • Cleaning supplies
    • Surplus tea-towels needed
    • J-cloths
    • Surface cleaner
    • Toilet roll
    • Scrubbing brush for plates
  • We need a hoover
  • Bathroom need a wipe down (Toilet/Sink/Dusty tiles)
  • Stairs - due to be cleaned Monday 22nd Aug


  • Letterbox
  • Hooks in bathroom for those who wish to change. (e.g. biking clothes/wet clothes)
  • Shelves - via Duncan Thomas/Niall McNelis
  • Lockers – Decided to go with storage boxes
  • Intercom
  • Separation of social night and members meeting
    • Upkeep meeting every two or so weeks
      • Chat about money, membership, power, internet, needs of the space, events, etc
      • All members welcome at upkeep meeting
    • Member meeting can be called a week in advance for serious business (big votes etc)
      • Lots of members wanted

  • Domain registration transfer
  • Who has access to the hosting package?


  • List books and owners in Google Doc
  • Update when someone borrows a book


  • Signage – JP et al?
  • Sign for main entrance
  • Weekly articles for paper
  • Enterprise Board - '091 Awards'
  • Vinny (Galway Bay FM)
  • Chris Coughlan - Hewlett Packard
  • NUIG/GMIT co-ordinators
  • New Tech Post (Ina)
  • Galway Advertiser/Galway Independent
  • Blog posts for site
  • Acrylic Plaque version of logo for space door
  • Stencil logo onto wall near tuckshop (wall straight across from entrance) – Carles
  • Business Cards – Carles

Key Management

Keys are looked after by Domhnall and Oisin.

  • Start looking into RFID member card system
  • Keys for:
    • Gerry
    • Jodi
    • Anthony
    • James


Membership is looked after by Domhnall. Finances are looked after by Conor.

  • Nadine Software
  • Check statements with Treasurer to see who paid what when
  • Arrange email to be sent to past members
  • Direct Debit
  • Google Apps
  • Send email to those on eform!



  • Bus schedule app
  • Hack Galway
  • Mobile Phone Charger Block (USB Adapter based)
  • Laser harp
  • IRC Pollybot
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