I'm currently messing with another approach to this hackfest: Buffer all the output from Dokuwiki, inject the <head>…</head> into Wordpress, cut everything besides <body>…</body> out of Dokuwiki.

The wiki you're currently seeing is a version of Dokuwiki hacked in to a static wordpress page. This page documents the changes necessary to integrate Dokuwiki

The project is at a preliminary stage but will be given a proper release with the SpaceStack project.

You will have to modify the CSS of the dokuwiki theme to suit your own theme. Firebug is useful here. Also the UNIX 'find' command is useful for searching through the CSS and HTML files, e.g.

find /path/to/091labs/theme -exec grep -H "mysearchstring" {} \;

Ok ok, I promise it will be easier when release day comes!

Todo before release

  • Test the 091 Labs theme with different Wordpress themes to create a more generic dokuwiki theme.
  • Remove redundant CSS.
  • Change magic quotes fix in Dokuwiki instead of Wordpress so that no changes are made to Wordpress core
  • Create a mod_rewrite fix to create SEO-friendly URLs for the wiki


Dokuwiki changes


1. Both wordpress and Dokuwiki have functions called “is_ssl”, so we'll change the Dokuwiki one:

Search for: is_ssl Replace all with: is_ssl2


Search for: is_ssl Replace all with: is_ssl2

Integrate the login with Wordpress

Integrate Dokuwiki with your Wordpress auth as described here.

Magic quotes fix (/wp-settings.php)

Both Wordpress and Dokuwiki will escape your apostrophes and quotes, so we need to

if (!$_COOKIE[DokuWiki]) {
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