Event Checklist

When planning an event:

  1. For outside events, check with the “Event scheduling external groups” people (Domhnall and Oisín as of 2011-03, see who is doing what). For inside events
  2. Check the events calendar to make sure the space is available or can be shared.
  3. Book the event on the events calendar (See “How do people get access to the 091labs Google calendar?” below)
  4. Promote the event. Consider: blog post (automatically Tweets), boards.ie message, email to the public listserv, Facebook (see who is doing what for who can post), posters, mentioning to people, sending to other listservs
Tech Resources

'Activity' Lifestream


Email list

Public list

You can read our public email list on the web: http://groups.google.com/group/091labs-public?pli=1 Or you can subscribe to receive mail!

Members only list

Who can add people to this list?



Website (Blog, Wiki)

Physical Stuff Around the Space


Where are the bin bags stored? Who buys them?

The bin bags are bought in the local shop and stored in the brown wooden filing drawers under the counter. They are paid for so that they can just be left on the street to be picked up by city bin.

What day is bin collection? Where do we dump stuff?

Collection day is everyday except Sunday. We need to ring them (freephone 1800 248924) the day before and tell them how many bags we have and where we are leaving them and they will collect them the next morning. Then we leave the bins on the street for collection.


Recycling works the same way. City bin sells 10 bags for 27.00 (direct), or they can be bought singly in a shop (~4.50).


How do you restock the tuckshop? Do you take money from the tins and buy things?

Matthewmatthew@091labs.com and Carlescarles@091labs.com are in charge of the tuckshop restocking and requests.


If you want to pay your membership in cash - who do you pay?
Who knows who has keys and who has authority to give keys?

Oisinush@091labs.com, Domhnalldomhnall@091labs.com and Adrianadrian@091labs.com are the ones to ask for keys. They need to reach agreement before a key can be given. The normal waiting period is 2-3 months.

How do people get logins for WordPress?
How do people get access to the 091labs Facebook account?
How do people get access to the 091labs Google calendar?

Go to http://calendar.google.com and login with your @091labs.com email address on Google apps.

One-time setup: Add the public calendar. Click on add in the bottom left, enter the link http://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/091labs.com_t3dpn9as0d5avmndrunenra5c4%40group.calendar.google.com/public/full Optional one-time setup: If you want to edit this calendar through another gmail account, you need to add that email address to the calendar settings. (If you don't have permission to do that, write the members' mailing list with your gmail account, and ask someone to do this.)

On the calendar, click “Create event”. Be sure the calendar says 091 Labs Events/Workshops Add the title, date and time, and for “where” enter 091 Labs, Exchange House, Fairgreen Road, Galway. Be sure to click Save.

Now go to the events page and check that the event shows up.

General note

By becoming a member, you should have all of these resources made available to you. If you are not given access, ask one of the wordpress admin team to give you permissions: Who is doing what

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