Hacking Inner Space

This event is suspended temporarily.

Come join us for discussion and practical meditation exercises for getting out of your mind and into the creative flow. From the cerebral to the surreal. It's an opportunity to create a sacred space within the hackerspace as a well to dip into when our soul, or hard drive, needs re-fuelling.

Louise Rooney has trained intensively in India and Sweden in higher states of awareness through yogic disciplines. She believes that the state of your mind dictates the state of your world, so mastering the mind is the key to a contented life.

Groupon style rules apply: the group needs a minimum of 6 sign ups to happen, as a sign of respect to Louise as facilitator and to the rest of us as participants. So please add your name if you are ~90% sure you can make it here on the Doodle list.

Obviously, shit happens, so if you can't make it on the day, just have a pretty entertaining excuse to avoid group shaming :)

My number, ellen, is 0867826597

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