AGM for 091 Labs held on Tuesday 29th November

Financial Outlook

Not so good

  • About €100 left in the bank account
  • Will be around €300 off rent
  • €900 going out every month
  • UPC (€130 maybe left), Insurance, ESB


  • LANs
  • Ignite
  • Classes
  • Voluntary donation doesn’t work
  • Small amount works well




James would like to step down as he may be leaving Galway next year.

  • Might want source funds
  • Conor Hoary elected

Membership Secretary

  • Domhnall Walsh elected
  • Membership fee box


  • Carles Sentis
  • Michael O’Connor
  • Darren Tighe
  • John Sheehan
  • Oisin Greaney


  • Padraic Harley

Membership Fees

Members voted to keep the current levels of fees.


Role of Chairperson added.

  • ensure the Committee functions properly.
  • ensure the organisation is managed effectively.
  • provide support and supervision to the membership.
  • represent the organisation as its figurehead.

Committee should be able to make the urgent decisions but still remain accountable for it.

  • 4.3.3. - After a two month probation period a decision will be made by the membership on whether a probationary member will be made a full member, have the probation extended or be removed from the organisation.
  • 4.4.x - If a member needs to change their level of membership fees, they contact the membership secretary.
  • Tog (a)
  • Tog (b)

Google Apps Accounts

Those of ex-members will be deleted unless they request to be kept.

Upkeep meeting schedule

Members proposed that we aim to have an upkeep meeting every two weeks.

Preparing for August

As 091 Labs currently has a lease for 12 months in Tyrone House ending at the start of August 2012, Padraic Harley asked the members to start thinking about the possibility of moving, the future location of the Labs and how they would like it be.

Enquiry as to why 091 Labs may wish to move.

  • Lack of assistance by landlord/agent in:
    • Doorbell
    • Letterbox
    • Completing wiring
    • Cleaning of stairs
    • Fixing area outside the door
    • Dealing with the issue of downstairs tenant
  • Discussion of previous issues with the person in charge of Kennedy’s
    • Oisin Greaney volunteered to be the single point of contact with Kennedy’s and will get email address for him (John).
  • John Sheehan expressed concern at the possibility of a move in August as he is currently sourcing a sign for the outside wall.
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