091 Labs - October 5th meeting: Chairman and Membership Secretary

Access Control + Members in Arrears

Any members that are more than two months in arrears (and who have not been in contact with membership@091labs.com explaining why) will not be receiving access tokens for the new space. Membership Secretary will be contacting all such members by e-mail in advance of the move.

Grace period for arrears

Once a member is two calendar months behind in membership dues:

* They will receive an email from the Membership Secretary informing them that they overdue and that their access token may be disabled at the discretion of the committee if unpaid dues are still not forthcoming.

Once a member is three months behind in membership dues:

  • They are marked as 'Inactive'
  • Their access token is disabled - that is, they will not be able to gain access with their “key”.
  • Not able to vote at meetings
  • No storage
  • @091labs.com email address suspended after 6 months, deleted after one year
  • Can only book rooms/events providing there is at least one 'Active' member also backing the event.
  • Payment of overdue fees will reverse all above penalties (except loss of data from e-mail account deletion). Alternatively, the person may (at the discretion of the membership) be permitted to restart payments from the present time, but are reverted to “Probationary” status.

Members are encouraged to inform membership@091labs.com if they are ending their membership or putting that membership on hiatus to prevent charging of dues in error.

Monthly Committee Meeting

  • Requires minimum of Chairperson, Treasurer and Membership Secretary attending
  • Requires most up-to-date finances and member list possible
  • Deadline for adding items to the Agenda is two days in advance
  • Agenda is available online from 2 days in advance
  • Any new agenda items after this time pushed to the next monthly meeting or considered at an emergency meeting (as necessary),
  • Minutes of committee meeting must be kept and must be made available 2 days after meeting

Probationary Members

  • Not automatically considered to be full active members.
  • Can apply to be considered for full membership at any member meeting after being a member for 60 days (two 'standard' months).
  • Under special circumstances, probationary members can apply to the committee before the end of this period, but application is at the discretion of the committee.
    • Certain considerations include:
      • Counted as a past 'Member in Good Standing' of other trusted hackerspace(s)
      • Previously 'Member in Good Standing' of 091 Labs

On becoming a full active member

  • Account on 091 Labs website is updated to 'Author'
  • Can add new items to event calendar
  • More to be added…

Bulk Membership

  • Chairman and Membership Secretary agree that portion of bulk memberships must be held back towards later parts of year and not instantly used for payment of upcoming rent of new space.
  • Point was raised that all members must be made aware that all dues paid to the Labs are “in good faith” and not a guarantee of definite Labs existence.

New Members

How to handle new membership forms in new space:

  • Specific pigeonhole will be provided in new space for members to put new forms in
  • Membership forms will be processed at least fortnightly
  • Membership form needs to be updated to include 'Username' field for website/email/etc
  • New members will be sent a welcome email when their form is processed
  • They will be added to:
    • private mailing list
    • public mailing list
    • 091 Labs website as Contributor
    • Can view 091 Labs calendar
    • More to be added…

Removal of Members

Was brought up as an issue that requires discussion.

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