Mar 10 2011

Linux Server Admin Tutorial this Tuesday

Aaron Hastings

This Tuesday March 15th at 7pm, Shane Tuohy, Chief Admin from NUI Galway’s Computer Society, will be giving a system admin tutorial for basic management of Linux servers. Shane will demonstrate the command line tools required and expected of all sysadmins, including an “Admin Toolbox”, a guide to essential server maintenance and an explanation of Linux file permissions.

All are welcome to attend. The class is just €5 for members of the public and free for 091 Labs members!

Mar 7 2011

Bike Maintenance Workshop

091 labs

In honour of this week’s Cycle on Wednesday we’ll be kicking off a basic bike maintenance workshop at 6:30pm this Wednesday 9th. With more and more people getting out on their bikes around Galway we’re mindful that small problems crop up every now and again. Sometimes it’s just a puncture and you know you could probably fix it yourself but aren’t 100% sure how. So, we’re going to take a look at some of these and anything else you’d like to know, assuming we also know how :)

- Fixing punctures
- Brake maintenance
- Chain maintenance
- Very basic gear shifting maintenance
- Putting together a basic toolkit (what you should carry or possess, to be able to get yourself home)

We won’t be trying to turn you into a gear head with this – just trying to give you a little bit more freedom to go with your bike. We’re also going to use this workshop as an opportunity to create and basically equip a small bike maintenance area in the space that people can come to and work on their bikes.

The first meeting will be a discussion on what people would like to learn from this type of course and deciding on the best time to run the weekly workshops. Beyond, the basics we could also talk about useful accessories, making the car-less switch by looking at one ‘utility bicycling’ option.

The workshop will be run on an honour basis; no set fee but if you find it useful a small donation to the Labs would be appreciated a lot.

Mar 7 2011

An Introduction to Game Development using Unity

091 labs

This coming Monday 14th of March at 6pm is the first in a series of workshops dedicated to game development. Game development can be an exciting and creative hobby, and the with rise of tools like Unity it is now easier than ever for one person to develop and release a game.

What is Unity?

Unity: Game Development Tool & EngineUnity is a integrated 3D engine and authoring tool, designed to make game development as quick and easy as possible. Whereas in the past using similar engines/tools has also meant limiting your game in regards to speed, customisation or graphical prowess, Unity gives you a lot of control and a great modern, and fast, 3D engine.

And of course, Unity is also completely free (even if you sell the game).


Who should attend?

Anyone who has interest in game development.

It is expected that those who attend will have, at least, a basic understanding of a programming language (variables, loops, functions etc.).


What will I learn at the workshop?

The workshop aims to develop in participants a broad understanding of game design and implementation concepts such as game play, physics, sound and 3D graphics.

In this first workshop each participant will be creating a basic game along the lines of Marble Madness. All assets (3d models, textures, sounds etc) will be provided.

This will cover the following topics:

  • The Unity Editor Interface
  • Setting up a Project & Scene
  • Using the Inspector
  • Scripting object behaviours using JavaScript*
  • Using Physics (PhysX)
  • Adding Sound
  • Creating the HUD (GUI)

* For simplicity we will using JavaScript during this workshop, however if there is demand I will cover using C# at a later stage. Unity has it’s own JavaScript/C# compilers and all scripts are compiled during the build process (not JIT), increasing the speed of the scripts in-game


Where and when is the event being held?

At 091 Labs, 14th March from 6pm to 11pm.


How much does it cost?

The event itself is free, with a suggested donation of €5 to 091 Labs for non-members (to help keep these events going).

Mar 7 2011

Introduction to Linux class this Tuesday

Aaron Hastings

Want to try Linux? There’s a class for that!

Back by popular demand, 091 Labs’ Introduction to Linux class will be covering the installation and setup of Ubuntu 10.10, including configuring it to work seamlessly with your Windows files. We’ll even show you how to setup all the cool goodies!

The class will cost just €5, which will go towards rent and equipment for 091 Labs. The class will be about 2 hours long and printed notes will be provided afterwards. No prior knowledge of Linux is necessary as this is starting from the very basics!

What to bring:

  • A laptop

By installing Linux you can KEEP Windows installed, you’ll just have the option of booting either Windows or Ubuntu when you switch your computer on. As a precaution, please backup all your important files anyway.

If you do not have a laptop, we will be able to offer a limited amount of old laptops which you can install Ubuntu on, just to get a feel for the installation. Please request these in advance. We have a Tuck Shop in 091 Labs selling drinks and snacks for low prices, which also goes towards our rent :)

Dec 9 2010

Building it!

091 labs

Saturday, 11th December 2010
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
building it parts
As a perfect aftermath to Ignite Galway, Rob from in Dublin is gonna do his cool workshop, Building It!

During this day-long workshop, you will be walked through the process of designing an interactive electronic device: from an initial idea right through to the working device.

We will start off with a presentation covering the whole design process. Next we will demonstrate the necessary steps and tools in more detail. And last but not least you will assemble the finished device.

The device we will be building will be a Mini Mood Light. Consisting of two multicoloured LED’s, a small micro controller and a number of buttons which will allow the user to selected a suitable colour which reflects their mood. We’ll be demonstrating each of the steps including schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB fabrication and programming the micro controller.building a mood light

You should have a basic understanding of electronics and the C programming language. The workshop is targeted at makers and amateur inventors who want to use open source tools to create open hardware devices.

The workshop will run from 11:00 through to approximately 17:00, with a break for lunch. Food will not be provided, but we have a tuckshop and there are shops/takeaways nearby.

The cost of the workshop will be 40€ waged, 30€ unwaged and 20€ 091Labs members.

The numbers are going to be limited to twelve adult/older teen participants.

If you want to attend this event, please email ellen at 091labs dot com