March meeting of the Galway Linux User Group (GLUG)

Galway Linux User Group (GLUG) is meeting in 091 Labs this Wednesday, March 7th, from 8pm and then heading to O’Connells pub on Eyre Square from 9pm.

They invite you to come and talk about all things Linux-related (and other things that aren’t too).

This month, some things spoken about will be state of graphical user interfaces in Linux (Unity vs Gnome vs KDE), “is Wayland better than X11?”, “why are these applications not pretty yet?!” and most importantly “Is this beer better than that beer? Let’s find out!”. Lots of discussion and testing will be needed.

Pizza, Python, Posters, LANs and user groups.

WARNING: This might be a bit of a long post. Some parts of it have been waiting a while because blogging is the devil.

First off, we’d like to thank our friends at Four Star Pizza. We had our AGM (minutes here!) back at the end of November and they gave us a few pizzas for it. Now that Christmas is over and we’re well into the new year we figure that people have enough money again to be spending on random stuff… like pizza. Anyway, they have a new menu and a few deals going at the minute and we’d recommend having a look at them!


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