Basic Git tutorial on Wednesday 26th @ 7.30pm

Hey folks,

This coming Wednesday at 7.30pm, Gerard Ryan will be giving a 2 hour tutorial on the basics of Git, the version control system. Entry for the tutorial is €2 for 091 Labs members and €5 for non-members.

Git has been gaining popularity since it was created by Linus Torvalds in ’05 and various online source code repositories like Github, Gitorious, and BitBucket that support it have been booming in recent years with user activity as programmers and web developers move from other version control systems like Mercurial.

Gerard will explain the Pros and Cons of using Git and he’ll cover what’s needed to get you started using Git following the basics commands and will expand into some more advanced areas along with answering questions if time allows.

Installing Git is not included in the time from 7.30pm but it’s really easy to install for most operating systems from here. I’ll be in from 7pm for anyone who has any questions or problems with getting Git running.

Study group for Stanford AI Class – 1st meeting Monday 10 PM

“Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” is one of 3 free online courses Stanford University is offering this fall, taught by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig.

The Galway study group will have an organisational meeting Monday 3 October from 10-11 PM in 091Labs, 47 Eyre Square, 1st Floor (just above Kennedy’s Pub). We’ll talk about why we’re taking the class, what our backgrounds are, and share tips on study materials we’ve found so far. We’re following the advanced (homework) track.

Regular meetings start the following Monday, 9-11 PM, through the end of the course (18 December). The study group is free and open to everyone.

G Loves T – a Galway Theatre-based mobile game

Many people ask us what the best thing is about having a makerspace in Galway city. Without even a blip of hesitation, our answer is always the thriving and exciting arts community. We’re excited to share with you a mobile gaming app from our friends at Galway Loves Theatre. It’s called G Loves T, and it looks a little bit special.

According to the website, “It’s part treasure hunt, part code-breaking, part puzzle-solving. It will be played online and around Galway from July 4th – 23rd.” The game involves collecting clues hidden on websites, forums and around Galway City, combining some of the latest (some might even say bizarre) trends in social networking, like geocaching and QR codes. A good old fashioned treasure hunt brought to the virtual world? I’m in!

The game is launching right in time for Galway Arts Festival 2011, so go on over to Galway Loves Theatre’s website and sign yourself up!


Calling all future iPhone app developers

iPhone Development Workshop in 091Labs

iPhone Development Workshop in 091Labs

iPhone development workshops have been a great success so far, and we’ve had a lot of fun over the past 8 weeks. Together, we learned some objective-c code from the HeadFirst iPhone Development book, built a twitter client, and once we were comfortable in the development environment, we did some brainstorming to create app ideas, and split the group into two teams.

One team is building an iFlyer application, and the other is building 24 Hours in Galway. Both groups have grown to the stage where they are able to continue by themselves, and it helps that both have experienced programmers (of another language) teamed up with new programmers.

The beauty of the Wednesday night is that our teams have somewhere they can come to focus on building, and if they have questions or get stuck, Adrian our iPhone Doctor is here to help, so they can continue to build their dream apps.

Now it’s time to do some new recruitment, so if you have an iPhone/iPad app idea that you are itching to learn how to build, come on down tomorrow night to 091Labs and join us.

All are welcome, including people who:

  • want to learn how to build their own apps from scratch (with or without prior programming knowledge)
  • want a dedicated space to work on their own applications
  • are looking for team mates to build apps with
  • are looking for ideas/advice for apps

It’s from 7pm-10pm, and it’s free, with a recommended donation of 5 euro which goes to pay our rent and electricity at 091Labs.

See you there!


Linux Server Admin Tutorial this Tuesday

This Tuesday March 15th at 7pm, Shane Tuohy, Chief Admin from NUI Galway’s Computer Society, will be giving a system admin tutorial for basic management of Linux servers. Shane will demonstrate the command line tools required and expected of all sysadmins, including an “Admin Toolbox”, a guide to essential server maintenance and an explanation of Linux file permissions.

All are welcome to attend. The class is just €5 for members of the public and free for 091 Labs members!