GLUG – Galway Linux User Group – BYOB Distro Night!

Galway Linux User Group (GLUG) will have their September meetup in 091 Labs on Wednesday 5th from 7pm.

The theme is: BYOB Distro Night!

Everyone is welcome to bring down their favourite Linux, GNU, BSD or other Unixen distribution on USBs, CDs, VM or hard-drive to share, test, impress, flame and shame with your fellow nerds.

And for those who are new to or completely inexperienced in Linux: Be not afraid! It’s not just for us hardcore coder-types. Linux is running in the servers of most major websites and is the brain of all Android phones. Linux desktop distros have come along leaps and bounds in the last decade in terms of usability, ease of install, and will have most, if not all, of your usual software available or very awesome alternatives.

Pop down and get a crash course in how to run a Linux OS alongside (or instead of) your current Operating System of choice (probably Windows). We’ll show you how easy it is to revive that old laptop or PC to (pretty much) as good as new!

For the PC gamers: Valve (makers of Steam, Half-Life, hats, etc) is currently working very hard on avoiding making Half Life 3 to bring all of Steam to Linux-based platforms, in particular Ubuntu, as they find Windows 8 to be currently quite horrid for making games on. So be in before the big change!

It’ll be BYOB (bring-your-own-booze for those not in the know) with the massive fee of €1 to cover the getting of food.

GLUG meets up on the first Wednesday of every month. Join their mailing list to get involved!

March meeting of the Galway Linux User Group (GLUG)

Galway Linux User Group (GLUG) is meeting in 091 Labs this Wednesday, March 7th, from 8pm and then heading to O’Connells pub on Eyre Square from 9pm.

They invite you to come and talk about all things Linux-related (and other things that aren’t too).

This month, some things spoken about will be state of graphical user interfaces in Linux (Unity vs Gnome vs KDE), “is Wayland better than X11?”, “why are these applications not pretty yet?!” and most importantly “Is this beer better than that beer? Let’s find out!”. Lots of discussion and testing will be needed.

Pizza, Python, Posters, LANs and user groups.

WARNING: This might be a bit of a long post. Some parts of it have been waiting a while because blogging is the devil.

First off, we’d like to thank our friends at Four Star Pizza. We had our AGM (minutes here!) back at the end of November and they gave us a few pizzas for it. Now that Christmas is over and we’re well into the new year we figure that people have enough money again to be spending on random stuff… like pizza. Anyway, they have a new menu and a few deals going at the minute and we’d recommend having a look at them!


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*POSTPONED* The Linux Workshop of Stupendous Splendour

Unfortunately, this workshop has had to be postponed as Mark isn’t feeling well and isn’t up to the trip down to Galway for the class. We’ll announce here when we know more about when it’s being rescheduled, sorry.

Why yes, a Linux workshop!

Friday January 20, from about 7pm onward. You want to learn Linux? Great! What you need is:

  1. A laptop computer with enough hard disk space to install Linux.
  2. A sense of self-worth and a desire to learn.
  3. The fortitude to repartition your machine in order to install Linux.

We will be working with Ubuntu Linux 11.101.

Order of operations:

  1. Get everyone settled and liability releases signed2.
  2. Introduce myself and introduce Linux. I have a swish presentation.
  3. Hand out installation media to anyone who hasn’t been frightened away3.
  4. Branch out into Q&A and get everyone working on a goal. I don’t have an overall plan in mind, save that I do better in this kind of format.

Scary footnotes aside, it should be a great evening for anyone who wants to come in and try Linux out and enjoy our friendly user-friendly hackerspace.

Admission is €10 per person, with proceeds going to the hackerspace.

1The hackerspace has Ubuntu 11.10 installation media, I have Ubuntu 11.10 installation media and it is honestly the only distro I have used for any great length of time in the past decade.
2I want you to understand that complete data loss on your hard disk is a tangible risk if you mess up with partitioning. You will be supervised and the risk of data loss will be explicitly spelled out on the night.
3Depending on both the size of the crowd and my own infamously mercurial temperament, I may not be able to micromanage partitioning and installation. I will certainly supervise, but the burden of responsibility is on you, O Participant!

Ubuntu 11.04 CDs are in!

A huge thanks to the good folks at Ubuntu Ireland for sending us a shipment of CDs for the latest iteration of the world’s favourite Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu. Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” introduces a brand-new user interface in the form of Unity. Unity is a sleek and modern UI, which takes a lot of inspiration from both Windows 7 and Mac OS X, and even mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, maximising efficiency while maintaining the much-loved eye candy.

As a not-for-profit hackerspace, these CDs are extremely important to us. They allow us to run introductory classes for those who haven’t used Linux before. They allow us to introduce members of the public to the philosophies of free software, and that copying and redistribution of open source software like Ubuntu is not only perfectly legal, but highly encouraged. We may not have a space for the time being, but once we move to a new home we hope to run many Ubuntu-centric events.

Please take this opportunity to visit the Ubuntu Ireland website and find out what they do, why it’s important and why we should support them:

To find out more about Ubuntu, visit: