HackerSpace at MindField!

This weekend the awesome MindField, Festival of Ideas, is happening in Dublin, and there is going to be a real live hackerspace tent as part of it! All the hackerspaces of Ireland are uniting to provide 2.5 days of geeky goodness, so if you ever wanted a chance to taste what hackers are all about, this is it!

As well as events, there will be friendly hackers eager to show you what they are working on, and there’ll be a number of kits, micro controllers and components for sale. 091Labs are bringing an NFC project, LivingThings, so if you have a Nexus phone, be sure to test its NFC functionality on objects in the tent!

It’s free to wander in and about, and only some of the workshops require payment for kits, so no excuse not to visit! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Friday 29th April

6–7.30 pm
The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative
A presentation by Smari McCarthy (www.immi.is).

7.45–9.45 pm
Workshop: DIY BIO
With Cathal Garvey (Nexus Hackerspace, Cork).

Saturday 30th April

12–2 pm
Workshop/Presentations: The Joys of 3D Printing
Hosted by Christian Kortenhorst (Tog.ie) with Cathal Garvey (Nexus Cork), Barry O’Donovan (theknittingclub.net/).

2–3.30 pm
A presentation by Michel Bauwens (philosopher, P2P Foundation).

3.30-6.30 pm
Workshop: Crazy LED-Eyed Monsters
Crafting, Storytelling and Electronics. Hosted by Ellen Dudley (091 Labs, Galway), and Tina and Alan from Missy Bonkers.

8–9.30 pm
Sharing Trust; Sharing Power
How the Starfish Outlives the Spider with Raffael Kemenczy.

All Day
MindField People Hunt
Interactive iPhone game to discover and talk to interesting people at MindField and win prizes! Keep up to date with leaderboard on screens in HackerSpace. Download free from iTunes: MindField (powered by CrowdScanner, and part of 091Labs).

Sunday 1st May

12–2 pm
Workshop: Introduction to Arduino
With Rob Fitzsimons (TOG).

2–4 pm
Workshop: Strategies for a Sustainable Society
Hosted by Raffael Kemenczy.

4–6 pm
The Instant City: Let’s Make A Place Together
Led by geographer Patricia Wood (York University, Toronto), artist and animator Maeve Clancy and others (TBC).

Calling all future iPhone app developers

iPhone Development Workshop in 091Labs

iPhone Development Workshop in 091Labs

iPhone development workshops have been a great success so far, and we’ve had a lot of fun over the past 8 weeks. Together, we learned some objective-c code from the HeadFirst iPhone Development book, built a twitter client, and once we were comfortable in the development environment, we did some brainstorming to create app ideas, and split the group into two teams.

One team is building an iFlyer application, and the other is building 24 Hours in Galway. Both groups have grown to the stage where they are able to continue by themselves, and it helps that both have experienced programmers (of another language) teamed up with new programmers.

The beauty of the Wednesday night is that our teams have somewhere they can come to focus on building, and if they have questions or get stuck, Adrian our iPhone Doctor is here to help, so they can continue to build their dream apps.

Now it’s time to do some new recruitment, so if you have an iPhone/iPad app idea that you are itching to learn how to build, come on down tomorrow night to 091Labs and join us.

All are welcome, including people who:

  • want to learn how to build their own apps from scratch (with or without prior programming knowledge)
  • want a dedicated space to work on their own applications
  • are looking for team mates to build apps with
  • are looking for ideas/advice for apps

It’s from 7pm-10pm, and it’s free, with a recommended donation of 5 euro which goes to pay our rent and electricity at 091Labs.

See you there!