091 Labs is moving in!

Hi all

091 Labs will finally be signing the lease on the new Space this coming Wednesday. Our new address will be 091 Labs, 1st Floor, Tyrone House, Eyre Square, Galway!

We’ve got the keys, are eager to get moved in and need your help!

We’re looking for some willing volunteers who have big vehicles to aid us in transporting all our gear to the new Space over the course of this coming week and we’ll need a few people to help lift the gear up the stairs once it gets dropped at the door too.

So if you’re free to help on Wednesday evening (August 3rd) from around 6pm, drop an email to padraic@091labs.com or tweet @091labs with the tag #moving or Facebook or however! We’d love to hear from ye!

And if you aren’t free on Wednesday but are around earlier or later in the week, still drop us a shout as we’ll make sure to arrange something =)




Situation update

Hello, world.

A lot of discussion has gone on behind the scenes in recent days and weeks regarding the current homeless circumstances of 091 Labs. Some of the discussion has been heated. Laconic quips have been made. Properties have been researched and prospective landlords have been contacted in and around Galway City. The outlook right now is pretty good: We’re close to securing a property in the city centre and negotiations have begun about the letting of the property to 091 Labs. More than that it really isn’t my place to say.

We’ve started to move our books, furniture, electronics and bookish electronic furniture from Exchange House into temporary storage around the city and county. Almost all of the small pieces were moved yesterday afternoon. More is to go in coming days.

And yes, many weeks of summer still lie ahead of us, but inevitably September is going to come and a fresh batch of mundane…first year college students will arrive in Galway. Just like we did in 2010, classes are in tentative planning to be held for them: Electronics, programming, Linux, computer maintenance.

We’re not dead (yet).

HackerSpace at MindField!

This weekend the awesome MindField, Festival of Ideas, is happening in Dublin, and there is going to be a real live hackerspace tent as part of it! All the hackerspaces of Ireland are uniting to provide 2.5 days of geeky goodness, so if you ever wanted a chance to taste what hackers are all about, this is it!

As well as events, there will be friendly hackers eager to show you what they are working on, and there’ll be a number of kits, micro controllers and components for sale. 091Labs are bringing an NFC project, LivingThings, so if you have a Nexus phone, be sure to test its NFC functionality on objects in the tent!

It’s free to wander in and about, and only some of the workshops require payment for kits, so no excuse not to visit! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Friday 29th April

6–7.30 pm
The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative
A presentation by Smari McCarthy (www.immi.is).

7.45–9.45 pm
Workshop: DIY BIO
With Cathal Garvey (Nexus Hackerspace, Cork).

Saturday 30th April

12–2 pm
Workshop/Presentations: The Joys of 3D Printing
Hosted by Christian Kortenhorst (Tog.ie) with Cathal Garvey (Nexus Cork), Barry O’Donovan (theknittingclub.net/).

2–3.30 pm
A presentation by Michel Bauwens (philosopher, P2P Foundation).

3.30-6.30 pm
Workshop: Crazy LED-Eyed Monsters
Crafting, Storytelling and Electronics. Hosted by Ellen Dudley (091 Labs, Galway), and Tina and Alan from Missy Bonkers.

8–9.30 pm
Sharing Trust; Sharing Power
How the Starfish Outlives the Spider with Raffael Kemenczy.

All Day
MindField People Hunt
Interactive iPhone game to discover and talk to interesting people at MindField and win prizes! Keep up to date with leaderboard on screens in HackerSpace. Download free from iTunes: MindField (powered by CrowdScanner, and part of 091Labs).

Sunday 1st May

12–2 pm
Workshop: Introduction to Arduino
With Rob Fitzsimons (TOG).

2–4 pm
Workshop: Strategies for a Sustainable Society
Hosted by Raffael Kemenczy.

4–6 pm
The Instant City: Let’s Make A Place Together
Led by geographer Patricia Wood (York University, Toronto), artist and animator Maeve Clancy and others (TBC).

Sticker exchange

091 Labs last month got involved with sticker exchange organized by Jigsaw Renaissance which consisted of sending 50 sticker from our space and getting super AWESOME stickers from other hackerspaces all over the world.

Here is the result of going wild with some of those stickers we got on my laptop that I’m after fallen in love with it all over again because of it…

Check Jigsaw Renaissance flicker pool on which you can see in this particular picture the stickers that we send them.
It is not clear yet what we are going to do with the stickers we received a part from getting donation from people who puts them on their laptops but one of the ideas is making a sticker wall in the hackerspace but whatever it is I’m sure you will hear about it.

Special Moments From 2010

Since moving into our current home in Exchange House back in June there have been a number of special moments at 091 Labs. As 2010 comes to a close I have tried to pick out a selection here as we countdown to 2011. Thanks to everyone who supported 091 Labs in making 2010 a very memorable year. Looking forward to your continued support in the year to come. Until then wishing you and everyone belonging to you a bright and prosperous 2011!

The kindness of strangers : We are very proud of the fact everything within our space has been donated or loaned to 091 Labs. Within hours of getting the keys John Coughlan dropped off couches and a fridge. Books, PCs, laptops, servers, tables, chairs, plants and hardware of all shapes and sizes soon followed. These gifts of kindness transformed our empty core and shell unit into a fully functioning space. It is thanks to Chris, John and Sarah from Fairgreen Property Management that we have use of Exchange House. Paul from Starlight stepped in to provide services as we needed them.

Support from the Hackerspace community : From its inception 091 Labs have always been able to call on TOG in Dublin for support and advice. They visited us twice during the year. On the first occasion they hosted a soldering workshop and during the second visit an electronics workshop. Thanks to TOG we now also have MiLK in Limerick and Nexus in Cork. Chatting with Jeffrey and Rob on their most recent visit they spoke about how every town in Ireland with a third level college should have a local hackerspace in 2011. After going from one to four spaces in 2010 there is every reason to believe it will happen.

Communities we have met along the way : One of Galway’s great assets is the concentration of creatives from all corners of the Arts and Sciences world. Many have come to 091 Labs throughout the year and openly shared their passions. Lin and Alan held Drupal meetups, Ben from 126 Studios and Emer from Groundwork Studios have brought artists by, Ina introduced the Open Coffee Galway community, Oisin and Mark organised an 091Labs Photo Walk, James introduced Galway Cycling Club and Katie organised a wonderful e-merge performance during Open Week.

Guest speaker series : We have had a great range of speakers come though our doors over the year for our guest speaker series. John Breslin, Emma Creighton, Dave Kelly, Dave Marash, Maria Honig and Oisin Prendirville all openly shared their knowledge with members and visitors. One talk which was not planned but happened thanks to Gerry was an impromptu visit by John Looney and Ade Oshineye from Google. We look forward to hosting many more talks in 2011.

Workshops and classes : Members have participated in a number of workshops over the year. Matthews Build your own PC classes, Carlos Android night, Kevins Arduino workshops and Barrys PHP classes have all taken place around Tristins bench. Our biggest surprise was the response to our introduction to Linux classes which Mark and Arron hosted. Thanks to Ubuntu Ireland for keeping us stocked with cds to cater for the demand.

Hacking Inner Space : We are very fortunate to have our very own resident meditation teacher. Since Louise started hosting sessions on Wednesdays at 11am and Saturdays at 2pm our meditation circles have been a great addition to the space on a number of levels. Classes will return fully fledged to reach even greater heights on January 8th.

Getting the word out : Tom Murphy at SocialMedia.net has joined us on our journey throughout the year. Local media has also been there to help us get the word out about events with the Galway Independent, Galway Advertiser and Galway Bay FM providing support when needed. Pat Joyce from Joyces Supermarket deserves special thanks for his generosity throughout the year in enabling us to keep our tuck shop ticking over and sponsoring our events.

Public Events : We have hosted a number of public events thoughout the year. They ranged from Irish Hackerspace Week which kicked things off to Open Data Day and a Hackquarium using Sugru bringing the year to a close. Our highlights of the year were the Ignite events which Adrian and Ellen co-ordinated in September and December. The format of 5 minute lightning talks by 12+ passionate people supported by 20 slides which auto advance every 15 seconds really connected with people. We look forward to hosting an Ignite Galway every quarter in 2011.