Jan 21 2012

091 Talks: Open Emotion Studios on Tuesday


This Tuesday we’ve got the awesome fellows of Open Emotion Studios coming down to 091 Labs to have a chat with us!

Founders Paddy Murphy (Chief Elephant Optimiser) and Colm English (Lead Programmer) are driving down to Galway especially for us on Open Night this Tuesday, 24th January from 7pm and will be hanging around for a while to answer your questions.

Open Emotions Studios was founded by three friends in early 2010 and, as of this month, is the largest Indie Game Dev Studio in Ireland with offices in Dublin and Limerick. They make games for PS3, PSP, Xbox Live, iOS, Android, Flash and more. Their games and developers have also won a bunch of awards!

Open Night starts on Tuesday at 7pm. Paddy and Colm will give a short talk and presentation from 7.15, explaining a bit about themselves and what they do and what cool new stuff is happening. They’ll stick around for a while to answer any questions you might have and are then hopping in their car for the long drive back home!

You can follow Open Emotion Studios on Twitter (@OpenEmotion) or Facebook and their website is http://www.openemotionstudios.com/

Dec 14 2011

Unity Drop-in Nights – Breaking for Christmas


Our Unity drop-in nights will be taking a break over the Christmas period while this humble blogger grits his teeth and prepares to dive into the capitalist soul-draining maelstrom that is modern Christmas cheer.  Wish me luck…


We’ll be announcing our next drop-in night in the New Year. In the mean time, have a merry and relatively stress-free Christmas and why not pop along to our fantastic 091 Labs Xmas Get-Together? We’ll be meeting up in the space (47 Eyre Square, above Kennedys Pub, for those not in the know) from 7pm on Friday the 16th of December for food, games and general festive hackery. Hope to see you there!

Dec 7 2011

Unity3d drop-in group session Wednesday 7th @ 7pm


Tonight’s Unity drop-in group session is starting shortly and will run from 7pm to 10pm. If you have a Unity or general game project you’d like to work on or show off, drop by!

Oct 25 2011

Unity3d drop-in group session Wednesday 26th @ 6pm


Hello all,

While Mark works on the final content of his unity3d Game Development Workshops, 091 Labs will be running some Unity3d drop-in work-groups. Tomorrow evening from 6pm participants can show-off/work on their own game projects, follow a Unity3d tutorial, or share examples of particularly well-made/unusual games built using the engine (for example, Parallax or the winners of the Kongregate Unity Game Contest).
Tomorrow’s tutorial will be the 3D Platform Game tutorial from the Unity 3D site – pdf and files can be downloaded from here: http://unity3d.com/support/resources/tutorials/3d-platform-game.
Hope to see you there!

Sep 26 2011

Game Development Workshop – Session 2

091 labs

Hi all,

Last Wednesday we did the first of four sessions for the Game Development Workshop at 091 Labs.

It went very well, covering Unity basics (objects, components, input) and Game State Management.


If you missed the first Session but would still like to take part it’s not too late to do so. All project files will be provided on the night and I’ll answer any questions you may have.


Session two is this Wednesday, at 6pm. We’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Adding (dumb) enemies to the game.
  • Colliders and detecting collisions.
  • Creating a damage system (doing and taking damage).
  • Controlling particles (and explosions).
  • Adding a scoring system.
  • Adding a win/lose condition and associated game states.


Below is a screenshot from the upcoming session build showing the player ship destroying a frigate.
The resulting explosion is pushing the other frigates away.



  • Runs on the 28th Sept, 5th Oct & 12th Oct.
  • From 6pm to 10pm.
  • At 091 Labs.
  • The workshop costs €20.
  • No need to book or pre-pay.


What You’ll Need

  • A laptop with Unity installed.
  • Experience of a programming language.