091 Labs Members EGM This Monday September 21st @ 8pm

091 Labs will be holding a members EGM this Monday at 8pm. This is going to be an important meeting so it’s essential that members attend to have their input heard. For any members who cannot make it for Monday, an editable Agenda and discussion thread is available on our Mailing List. All input and attendance is, as always, appreciated. See you all on Monday evening!

Galway Culture Night 2015 @ 091 Labs



Note: There is an unfortunate error in our advertised activities for tonight. The fantastically talented folks from Galway Pub Scrawl won’t actually be joining us for an exhibition this year. If you’re interested in seeing what they get up to, you should absolutely drop by their next meetup on Monday the 28th of September in McSwiggans from 8.30pm to say hello. Bring some pencils and paper, or your sewing/craft project or just sit in for a chat, everyone is welcome. Apologies for any confusion caused.

Culture Night is taking place around the country tonight and 091 Labs are getting involved alongside some amazing events here in Galway City! There’ll be Arduino and electronics workshops, member projects, board games and more so drop by. Don’t forget to visit the Culture Night site for what’s on in Galway as there’s a huge range of events, from vintage gaming at The Computer and Communications Museum of Ireland to music – and all free.

d’Lovely Game Jam July 31- Aug 2

Join a team or fly solo and make a game in 48 hours.

€5 Admission fee. Get tickets here:

Bring your own laptop/game making equipment.

Tea + Coffee provided throughout the weekend. Also, there’s a tuck shop with sugary snacks. Be careful, they’re dangerous!

d’Lovely Game Jam General Schedule

Friday 31st July:
Event kicks off, teams are assemble, theme is announced – spin game ideas and lock it down!

Saturday 1st Aug:
All day game development!
Lunch from 2-2:45pm – no obligation, but taking a break is a good idea!
Submit your game’s competing categories for your game to be judged in for our no obligation game jam competition

Sunday 2nd Aug:
Last leg of development.
Tools down, Submit final game to organizers for the online showcase.
Everyone playing everyone’s games for a while.
Judges announce category winners of the game jam competition.
Event finishes up. Check back in a few days for the showcase website. Thanks for the memories!
Last Orders: A group of us will likely take to the city to unwind with some socialising – all jammers are welcome!

After the event:
Once the May game jam finished up we wanted to continue developing our games in following weeks. Do chat to your team and the organisers if you wish to come to an arrangement to use the space. We want to support the game developement scene!