Python for Non-Programmers – Monday, November 28th @ 7.30pm

We’re going to be running a two night class on ‘Python for Non-Programmers’ in the Labs. The two nights in question are next Monday, November 28th and the following Monday, December 5th.

This class is intended for those who have either never programmed before or are looking for a bit of a push to start learning Python. It’ll be covering the basics of programming (variables, strings, loops, arrays, functions, etc) using Python 3. In January we’ll be doing a longer Beginner Python course for those who are interested and later again, Intermediate Python.

First class starts at 7.30pm on the 28th and will run until 10pm. The first half hour is installation of the programs we’ll be using for the class. The rest of the time will be spent learning.

Second class will start at 8pm on the 5th and will also run until 10pm. This will be continuing on from where we left off the previous week.

We would ask that those who are coming along to arrive a little early, just in case.

Each class will be €2 for 091 Labs members and €4 for non-members.

If anyone has any questions, join our public mailing list and ask us there!

091 Labs AGM!

Hi all,

Tuesday, November 29th, has been voted by the members as the day for 091 Labs’ first AGM.

I think it calls for a bit of celebration too so if there are any suggestions, please reply on the mailing list!

Meeting in the space from 7pm and we’ll try to start from 7.30 or so…


If there are agenda items that you think need to be raised regarding the long-term continuation of the Labs, drop me an email (padraic [at] 091labs) and I’ll compile them. These could include but are not limited to: changes to the constitution, committee election, membership and dues, etc.

Deadline for sending agenda items will be 6pm next Monday, November 28th, and I will be sending out that full agenda at 7pm. Extra info related to each item that needs to be supplied please send attached in the email.

Feel free to add opinions on the public or private mailing list!


Games Day – This Saturday, November 19th

Howdy folks,

The crew from Board Games Club Galway are holding a Games Day in the Labs this Saturday.

It’ll be on from 12 noon until late so feel free to pop down to say hello and play some Settlers of Catan, Battlestar Galactica, and so on! You can bring your own games down if ye have them.


P.S. Even if you can’t make it on Saturday, Board Games Galway meet in the Labs every Thursday from 7pm!

Tomorrow! Data Protection and Communication Security talk and practical session

Hi folks,

We have a great event on tomorrow that we have mentioned a lot in the space but never posted about here on the blog!

091 Labs and NUI Galway Computer Society are hosting Wojtek Bogusz of Front Line, an international foundation for the protection of human rights defenders. He will be giving a talk in NUI Galway at 3pm and then giving a practical workshop in 091 Labs from 6pm. Details are below! We’d like to thank Pixel Apes for the awesome poster design too!

We certainly hope that you all can make it!

Data protection and communication security:
How to keep your digital information secure


Friday, November 4th 2011

3pm – 4.30pm
The Cube
Aras na Mac Leinn
NUI Galway

Practical Exercises:

6pm – 8pm

091 Labs
Tyrone House
47 Eyre Square

This is a FREE event.

The discussion and talk will cover various areas and topics related to the protection of data and prevention of it’s loss and why this is becoming more and more important around the world.

The session will deliver practical techniques with step-by-step instructions to improve the security of your data. We will examine how to protect your computer from spyware and hackers, protect the sensitive files on your computer and how to destroy sensitive information. The workshop will also give practical advice to help keep your internet communication private and secure. We will investigate how to improve the security of your email and instant messaging, as well as techniques to remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the internet. Finally we will discuss how to use mobile phones as securely as possible.

The practical exercise workshop is open to everyone, and will be particularly useful for investigative journalists, activists, members of the NGO community and anyone working with sensitive information.

About the speaker:
Wojtek Bogusz
is a digital security consultant, providing training and advice to human rights activists on how to increase the privacy and freedom of communication in repressive environments.
He currently works for Front Line  an international foundation for the protection of human rights defenders. He is the co-author and project leader of Security in a Box – a toolkit of software and guides for improving computer security and privacy.

This free event is co-sponsored by:
091 Labs, CompSoc, Frontline, and Pixelapes

Rupture: Street Fighter Tournament. Saturday, 15th October.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Tournament

While first person shooters and war games grew more and more popular over the years, there is one genre that always stood proud in the world of competitive gaming. That is – the fighting game genre!

With regular tournaments being held all over Ireland (including Dublin and Cork), it’s time Galway got it’s chance to fight the good fight.

Rupture will be held in 091 Labs (above Kennedy’s pub) in Eyre Square on Saturday 15th October, where Galway’s finest fighters can battle it out on a number of Xbox 360’s to prove their worth in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. With a €10 entrance fee and a chance to win quite a bit more, Rupture will be an incredibly intense and fun competition, as players are travelling from all over to compete. And for the full effect, we’ll be showing the grand finals on a big screen!

Registry will take place between 12-1pm on Saturday 15th October, with the tournament starting soon afterwards. So be sure to turn up early to secure your place in the tournament, and to warm up with a few casual fights too.