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I will divert, obfuscate, intentionally misinterpret, distract, diffuse, omit, mislead, confound, discompose, perturb, confuse, muddle, lead astray, stall, bewilder, throw off, sidetrack, abstract, fluster and beguile, but I will never, ever lie to you, because lying will communicate my disrespect.

So with this said, I’m going to confide that activity at the Labs has settled over the past month or so. Members concede to the demands of their families, works and university schedules, real-life concerns that are backed up by the frequently horrible weather.

As I have hinted by all of the above, I want to do start a project that allows the participation of all of us who are distributed in time and space: A book club. A classic science fiction book club. There is a literally vast selection of novels and stories available through online repositories such as Project Gutenberg and Book Glutton. If you are interested in joining, email me. Simple as that!

Site of olde, arise from thy grave

The dead...arise!

The site is currently being the sole beneficiary of a behind-the-scenes updates. An abridged, combined status and changelog:

  • Calendar is broken. Needs to be fixed. Fixed by me, fix fixed by Barry.
  • “Contact” held no useful information. Removed. Contact information will be appended to “Above”.
  • Duplicate Membership form page deprecated. Will be combined with Membership Information page.
  • Photo gallery was broken. Removed until I can fix it.
  • We had four Twitter plugins and six traffic-tracking plugins. All bar one deactivated ahead of consolidation. Sidebar widget restored.
  • New theme, Elegant Grunge, installed.

I’m making a note here: Big success!

A small big success, but none the less big for its smallness. Some people might call it a small success, but they aren’t thinking big. I mean, is a success a success despite its lack of success? Yes. Is a success a big success in the face of arbitrary declarations of smallness? Also yes. So in the wake of the big-big success of our Ignite event, the 091 Labs was a similarly big success of a smaller magnitude.

I had several photographers bowed out at the last minute due to sickness, Saturday-morningness and plain bad weather. Rumors were aswirl of a resurgent black death stalking down windblown Galway street, but 091 Labs, and combined to field nine walkers.

It was a fun day, really. I even had a moment of gear envy, a moment that was ironically centred around an assortment twenty year old and toy (Lomo) cameras! I originally wasn’t going to shoot on the day, but Oisin made a timely donation of 35mm colour film to save the morning.

The walk itself took a meandering route down under the Lough Atalia bridge, past (but not in because it was locked up!) Forthill Cemetery, around the east side of the docks, where, after a brush with a crazy screaming woman who I took to goading, we lazily meandered in the general direction of the Eyre Square Centre.

Photograph by Denis O'Donovan

Aside: The crazy screaming woman

The crazy screaming woman, henceforth CSW, was fun. We were photographing private boats on private property in a shocking and disrespectful of the law and upon CSW’s instructions we were to cease photographing, delete the images and leave the area immediately or face consequences. I’m very proud to say that the other photowalkers brushed her off good-naturedly and bit proud and a tiny bit ashamed to admit that I took to goading her and started photographing her. Extensively. CSW used language that did not befit her station as a regal matriarch of the dockside community.

My last view of CSW during a cheeky grin and wave over my shoulder as was furiously calling An An Garda Síochána to forcibly remove us. Crazy Screaming Woman, I salute you.


Photograph by Ken Folan

On the roof of the Eyre Square Centre we took some crazily-perched vistas of the city, surrounding hills and bay. Hugh especially bagged some really gorgeous shots of storms rolling in off the bay. I’m really shocked that we weren’t run off from the roof of the centre. Staff and public ignored us and residents of overlooking apartments graced us with friendly waves.

Up and down, over and through, back around….Shop Street and the Saturday market. Newcomer and new photographer Sinead – Sinead: Hello! – and Hugh both took their leave of us. Oisin, Denis, Denis’ wonderful wife Lorraine, Ken, Petra, anonymous Polish guy (I am very, very sorry but I do not remember your name :[ ) and I all broke for lunch at Riordans cafe.

After Riordans we took in the River Corrib, showers, the Waterside and, yes, swans. Swans swans swans. And then we went back to 091 Labs and collectively crashed out on the couches.

All of us who made it had a really fantastic, edutainment packed day for everyone who made it. If you want to explore more of the photographs from the walk, you can discover them on by exploring the photowalk tag:

Photograph by Denis O'Donovan

Photograph by Oisin Greaney

Photograph by Denis O'Donovan

Photograph by Oisin Greaney

Photowalk – tomorrow!

From the emails, tweets, and post I’ve seen, tomorrow’s photowalk and photography talks both look like they will have an incredible turnout from the photographers of Galway and Ireland! While the weather may be unfortunately against us, with a Met Éireann forecast of showers with a chance of thunder, I’m confident that we will all have a great day. If the heavens do open up we can retreat to the plush comfort of 091 Labs and talk about photography.

My final route for the day is in two parts: Firs to start off down Lough Atalia Road, up into Forthill Graveyard, around the docks and down the Long Walk to the Spanish Arch and then Claddagh. On our return we will venture up through Quay Street and Shop Street, taking in some of Galway’s historic buildiongs and then back into the Labs in time for lunch.

You should all start gathering at the 091 Labs site, located at Exchange House on the Fairgreen Road at around 10am. My own direct contact number is 086 198 1097 and I encourage you to call me if you cannot find the building or need assistance with parking.

Maybe an exhibition?

Standard disclaimer: These images have not yet been cleaned up and should not be taken as representative of the final product.

It is a particularly personal, pleasant and unusual joy for me to capture these panoramic scenes in the video game World of Warcraft, one which I savour and draw out by only doing a few at a time. I’ve found that if I dive into one thing too fast and too deeply I just burn out: I get disinterested and simply stop doing it for a long time. My newest fad-within-a-fad is fisheye viewpoints. In addition to these three below I’ve a few more shot that I need to reshoot of some very iconic objects from the game’s Wrath of the Lich King – from Icecrown in Northrend. I shot them; I processed them; they looked terrible; I deleted them.

As well as creating more scenes, I have some very nebulous ideas about hosting an exhibition of these panoramas within 091 Labs. I’ll be doing a test print of Dalaran in the coming week or two at a large 76cmx50cm size suitable for the image’s scale. If it looks good (and I can afford it) I may go ahead with a full exhibition. Right at this moment in time my costs are roughly:

  • €9.99 per poster print.
  • €5.00 per mounting board.

Even at €15 per image, costs add up. Ten images? €150. Twenty? €300.

Watch this space.

Deeprun Tram


Stormwind Castle