*POSTPONED* WiredLAN II @ 091labs: Boomsticks at the ready!

UPDATE: 16th March, 2011:

It seems that the germ (and the pint!) are mightier than the virtual sword, on this occasion. Owing to Mark going down with ‘flu, and a dip in interest (which is probably not unrelated to the fact that it’s so close to Patrick’s day and tonight’s likely midweek pilgrimage to various nearby watering holes) WiredLAN II is being cancelled, or at least postponed. Look out for updates for when it’s coming around again… same bat time, same bat channel. Mark is busily notifying everyone who registered already.

Sorry folks :(

Our LAN gaming night is back on Friday, March 18th, starting from about 5pm (’til very, very late!)

Bring your gaming hardware and your game faces (the odd ethernet cable wouldn’t hurt either) and use them to blow up virtual people and things in the confines of an assortment of networked computer games! If that’s not your gig, there’ll probably be a fair bit of virtual world building going on too.

€10 for non-members (which is 100% invested back into the space), but if it’s anything like last time it’ll be an all-nighter, so it’s great value!