Board Games Galway meetup tonight @ 7pm, Squareyes Forster St.

The good folks from Board Games Galway, regulars in our space in Fairgreen House and waiting patiently for us to secure our new location, are having their weekly meetup and gaming session in Squareyes on Forster St. (Google Maps linky), kicking off around 7pm until the place shuts at 10pm.

In case you’re wondering where they could possibly go, Squareyes has a spacious 2,000 square foot underground “bunker” underneath the internet café. We’ll be in the diner area on the right as you hit the bottom of the stairs.

Meeting tonight in Kelly’s @ 7pm.

We’ve settled on Kelly’s, Bridge St., (the artist formerly known as the Living Room, and before that the Lisheen), kicking off around 7pm. Lots of things to decide and talk about, so try to be there if at all possible!

We’re on the move…

Elephant herd migrating


Elephant herd migrating
Looking for greener pastures...

Unfortunately, after nearly a year, we’re having to call time on our term in Fairgreen House. It’s been a lot of fun; the scale of the space has allowed us to run several successful large events, but a water supply problem emanating from the building site next door that neither us or our landlord can access or fix means that our hands have been collectively forced and we have to move on. Today (Tuesday May 18th) is our last day operating in that space. This has already been tweeted, but unfortunately not posted here on the blog yet, so sorry about the short notice.

As things stand, we don’t have a new home we can move into immediately; we’re on the hunt for a suitable space (preferably in the city centre/west end side of things) to call home that won’t break the bank. If you know any such place, contact us at and we’ll investigate. We are collectively very keen to keep the downtime between spaces as short as possible, and we’re also looking into alternative venues for meetings and events in the interim.

We’d very much like to thank everyone who’s helped and/or facilitated us so far, and everyone who’s helping us look for a new space (temporary or permanent), and hope that we’ll be able to invite you to our new base of operations soon to take part in the continuing evolution of 091labs. Tonight’s talk from the folks in seevl (scroll down or click here for more info) will be the last event we’ll be hosting in Fairgreen House, so call by if you can!

Trench Entertainment’s “Tell-Tale William” @ Town Hall next week!

Our semi-resident theatre group, Trench Entertainment, will be debuting their show “Tell-Tale William” (press release here). They bill it as:

“An adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories Tell-Tale Heart and William Wilson, featuring the terrifying and mysterious world of one of the 19th century’s most famous gothic writers.”

Where: Town Hall Studio, Galway

When: 22nd – 26th March 2011, 8.30pm

How Much: Tickets €10/€8; can be bought online at

091Labs members should be able to get the concession rate for admission; this hasn’t been finalized yet. Anyone interested should make yourselves heard on the mailing list and we’ll make arrangements.