The ‘labs are moving!!!

Hi folks:

091 Labs has lived at its current address on Flood Street (named after a person, ironically, not its propensity to be underwater!) for almost a year and half now – we moved here late in 2012. However, due to things rising (water, amongst others) we’ve been looking for, and found, a spot that seems tailor-made for our needs, and we’re going to be on the move over the next couple of weeks.

Our new location is in Roxboro House, on Raleigh Row. This is on the fringe of what some people would call the Latin Quarter, or what Galwegians would more simply call “right behind the Jes”. Conor has already put directions and some photos of the new space, on Bookface, but for those of us who don’t do that sort of thing, here’s the Google Maps link that Conor furnished which shows the route from the old labs facility to the new one – Google puts it at an eight minute walk from from one to the other. As Conor points out, the new unit is ground floor and should be more universally accessible. It’s also bigger, better laid out and more flexible than the old location.

Labs Front Entrance

Our new front door!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be getting the new space up and running, and migrating everything over to the new location. Keep an eye on our various social media handles to see what’s what with regards to classes, meetings and other things in terms of which location they’re to be in but the plan is to be all set up in the new space pretty quickly.

Hope to see you in the new ‘labs!!!

We’ve been nominated for an ITAG award!

Information Technology Association Galway

The folks at ITAG (Information Technology Association of Galway) have nominated 091 Labs – and several other volunteer groups in the “technology space” – for an award at their annual awards bash, which takes place tomorrow evening (March 22nd 2013) in the Meyrick Hotel on Eyre Square.

Padraic and I will be donning tuxes and representing the ‘labs in the festivities; wish us luck everyone!

[edit]And a hearty congratulations to all at CoderDojo Galway for a well-deserved win[/edit]

GLUG meetup on November 7th

The nice people at GLUG (Galway Linux User’s Group) are having their monthly meetup in the ‘Labs tomorrow evening (the 7th) around 8pm. Bring your laptop, your favourite distro (or lots of source code and patience, your choice) and we’ll see you there!

On the day, we’ll have two interesting little demos for you:

  • How to make a LiveCD
  • An introduction to the new (and very shiny) Gnome Shell.