d’Lovely Game Jam July 31- Aug 2

d'Lovely Game Jam @ 091 Labs Friday July 31st to Sunday August 2nd

Join a team or fly solo and make a game in 48 hours.

€5 Admission fee. Get tickets here:

Bring your own laptop/game making equipment.

Tea + Coffee provided throughout the weekend. Also, there’s a tuck shop with sugary snacks. Be careful, they’re dangerous!

d’Lovely Game Jam General Schedule

Friday 31st July:
Event kicks off, teams are assemble, theme is announced – spin game ideas and lock it down!

Saturday 1st Aug:
All day game development!
Lunch from 2-2:45pm – no obligation, but taking a break is a good idea!
Submit your game’s competing categories for your game to be judged in for our no obligation game jam competition

Sunday 2nd Aug:
Last leg of development.
Tools down, Submit final game to organizers for the online showcase.
Everyone playing everyone’s games for a while.
Judges announce category winners of the game jam competition.
Event finishes up. Check back in a few days for the showcase website. Thanks for the memories!
Last Orders: A group of us will likely take to the city to unwind with some socialising – all jammers are welcome!

After the event:
Once the May game jam finished up we wanted to continue developing our games in following weeks. Do chat to your team and the organisers if you wish to come to an arrangement to use the space. We want to support the game developement scene!

Game Jam May 29-31

48 Hr Gam Jam @ 091 Labs Friday May 29th to Sunday 31st

Join a team or work solo to create a game in 48 hours.

Event requirements:
Bring your own game development stuff. (E.g. a laptop, your favourite set of markers etc.)
Be nice, run an anti-virus scan on any device you wish to join to the network using up-to-date anti-virus software!
Admission Fee: €5

Reserve your place here:
Eventbrite - Game Jam May 29-31 @ 091Labs, Galway
Please book your place in advance to avoid disappointment!*

The admission fee goes towards event costs, showcase website and upkeep of 091 Labs.


What is this all about?
A game jam is an event were people join forces in the spirit of collaboration to create a game (or prototype of one) over the duration of the event. Generally game jams are fun, challenging (in a good way!) and open to anyone who wants to participate, regardless of game development experience.  Collaborating over the short timeframe means you will be creative by necessity. Game jams give you the spacetime to try out new things you didn’t know you could do!

Teams will be arranged at the start, with the aim of equipping each team with a balance of skills typical to successful game development. To help everyone get those game ideas flowing there will be a theme set for the game jam on the first day.

We love computer games! Other game forms (card, table-top etc.) are welcome too.

The end of the game jam will see a competition with different categories. Our judges (who are professional game developers themselves) will select a winner and runner-up in each category. All of the submitted games will be showcased on the event website built after the event. The competition winners will be highlighted as such on the website, plus bragging rights!

It’s totally fine if you turn up to the game jam with pre-made bits, however you will not be able to participate in the related competition category. (E.g. if I make all of my game art before the game jam I cannot submit to the Art category.)


Schedule of events

Friday 29th:
Event kicks off, teams are assemble, theme is announced – get your game ideas together!

Saturday 30th:
All day game development!
Lunch from 1-2pm – no obligation, but taking a break is a good idea!
Submit your game’s competing categories for your game to be judged in for our no obligation game jam competition

Sunday 31st:
Last leg of development.
Tools down, Submit final game to organisers for the online showcase.
Everyone playing everyones’ games for a while.
Judges announce category winners of the game jam competition.
Event finishes up. Check back in a few days for the showcase website. Thanks for the memories!


Reserve a place for yourself here:
Eventbrite - Game Jam May 29-31 @ 091Labs, Galway

Quick-Fire Lessons Tuesday Weekly

Hey folks!

Simply drop in to soak up the knowledge – for free!

This week’s Quick Fire Lessons will take place at 091 Labs at the regular time of 6:30pm on Tuesday.
Our next class will see us focus on JavaScript were we will introduce node.js.

Keep an eye on our social media for updates.



What’s it all about?
Quick-Fire Lessons are fast and loose, with an emphasis on learning by doing.
We aim to provide a supportive, open and safe environment for you to try out new things.

Quick-Fire Lessons are a weekly event, with lots of introductions to various awesome things. If you want to participate in the problems/exercises please bring your own laptop/device. It’s also fine to drop in for a look and listen.

These lessons will be facilitated by Micheál and Darren and possibly a mix of other people along the way through 2015. We’re constantly improving the learning experience from week to week. We’d like to keep this up so please be generous with feedback!

Our preliminary list for coding content (later will see more subjects) includes the lastest in the following languages/platforms:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS *
  • Git *
  • WordPress
  • Java *
  • Android App Development *
  • Basic Machine Learning ***
  • Arduino *

*Asterix’s mean that we cannot possibly cover everything in one class due to topics being very broad/deep.

See you there!

LAN Party Lock-In 13th Feb

The last LAN was a bit of craic. Let’s have another!

Venue: 091 Labs
Find us on the map

Start Time: 7pm, Friday 13th February

€15 non-members
€10 members

You can book your ticket on our EventBrite page here:  http://www.eventbrite.ie/e/lan-party-lock-in-tickets-15239774576

Event Waiver: 091 Labs LAN Party Waiver

Bring your own computer & anything you think you’ll need on the night.

If you wish to play any particular game at the event please let us know beforehand!

The Games:
This is not a comprehensive list (yet!)

Likely :
Team Fortress 2
Other source Games & Source mods
Starcraft II
Warcraft III
Quake III Arena
Unreal Tournament
Super Hexagon

Maybe :

Please suggest games for this list in the comments or email at the address below.

If you have any queries about the event, please email the organisers at LAN@091labs.com

See you there!

091 Labs LAN Party Lock-In Februaru 13th 2015

LAN Party Lock-In 9th Jan

LAN-party friday 9th january

A good ol’ LAN party!

Yes, it’s about time again to get stuck in to some joyous up-close-and-personal multiplayer chaos fun. If you need an excuse, let’s stress-test these LAN switches!

The Games

Plenty of the old favourites, as well as some more recent games will played on the night. Shooty games, strategy games, party games, co-op games and the like.  Let us know if you want to play anything in particular. Leave a comment or email us at LAN@091labs.com


LAN Party etiquette dictates that you bring your own equipment.
We do however have a fully networked and power supplied building, and plenty of spare ethernet cables for anyone who needs them. That said, we would recommend bringing a short patch cable for yourself (like you would use with your home router) to optimize set up time.


We have a projector for some console gaming, like your fighting game of choice. (There may also be a second projector on the night!)


Pizza? Pizza. Probably. We’ll see if we can arrange a deal with our local pizza shop for the event.
There is coffee in instant, espresso maker and bean form  (beans, grinder & french press) and plenty of sugary snacks available from our tuck shop. We have a fridge for storing food/drink on the night.

New-years-resolutions-guilt-free! All proceeds are used to support 091 Labs, so you can be sure the best Galway Hackerspace will still be here for you when you need it!

Binge on the junkfood from the humble local businesses while you discuss the finer points of your strategies for your next team games, and create the wonderful stories of how it all went wrong, but you still came out on top! Indulge yourself post-christmas with a compact, time-friendly gaming binge.

Event Information

Duration: 12 hours
Start time: 7pm sharp Friday 9th January
Location: 091 Labs, 2 Roxboro House, Raleigh Row, Galway Find us on OpenStreetMap
Entry Price: €10
Link to waiver: 091 Labs LAN Party Waiver – please fill out and hand in to an organiser when you arrive, thank you!

Event queries: LAN@091labs.com


This is a fund raising event – the entry fee and any donations will go entirely to support the not-for-profit 091 Labs hackerspace.

You can pay for your entry fee below.
Please make a note to us that in the payment process when paying. Include Your Name + “LAN Jan”. Thank you!

€10 Entry fee for the event [wp_cart_button name=”LAN_Party_Lock-In_9-1-15″ price=”10.00″]