Android Workshop

Starting Monday 13th and taking place over 4 to 5 weeks, the Android Workshop will guide participants through the basics and principles of developing app for the Android platform by building browser from scratch.

The workshop will be based on sBrowser, which I developed specially for this workshop. By the end of the workshop members will be expected to have a working app ready to publish if they wish to do so.

More specific details on what we will cover each week can be found in our wiki together with other useful information and links on relation to Android.

We will be using Eclipse and the Android SDK for the workshop. Participants will be expected to have both already installed and working on their laptops. If anybody has any problem installing either of them please come in advance to 091 Labs for help. I will be there an hour before getting ready.

Participants will be expected to bring their own laptops but if you don’t have one please get in touch with me in advance and we may be able to supply one from 091 Labs to use during the workshop. Supply is limited and they will be given in a first come basis.

Places are limited!!! If you are interested on attending the workshop get in touch with me at for pre-booking. No need to pre-pay for the classes but if you think you won’t be able to attend and you place has been confirmed, get in touch with me asap to let your place to somebody else.


  • Starts Monday the 13th
  • From 7pm to 9pm
  • At 091 Labs
  • The cost will be €6 and €2 for members per class
  • What you’ll need

  • Laptop with Eclipse, Java and the Android SDK installed
  • Experience on programming preferably Java
  • Sunday Movie Night – PressPausePlay

    Come down and join us this Sunday Night to watch PressPausePlay in 091 Labs at 8pm. Everyone welcome!! including non-members, this could be a nice way to come down and give us a visit.


    The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art or is true talent instead drowned out? This is the question addressed by PressPausePlay, a documentary film containing interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era.

    Hacking @ Electric Picnic 2011

    This year we had the pleasure to get invited to Electric Picnic. We were given the Ignition tent for a few hours everyday where members from all the Irish hackerspaces: TOG, Milk Labs and ourselves 091 Labs held workshops.

    Here are some of the pictures taken during those events.


    Hackerspaces @ Electric Picnic

    Members from hackerspaces all over Ireland will be forming a temporary
    hackerspace at Electric Picnic this year.

    We will be in Mindfield area on Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 8pm. Our home for the weekend will be the incredible inflatable Ignition Stage. We will be running drop in workshops. Details of the workshops below. Come on by to learn, share, create.

    Soldering Workshop

    Learn how to solder. Make a pocket LED touch (Might come in handy
    finding your tent) or a Flashing LED badge.

    Origami Workshop

    Origami experts will be on hand to teach you the art of paper folding.
    Sit down and let your troubles fold away. Flapping Birds and Paper
    flowers are waiting for you to fold them.

    Craft Workshop

    Do you fancy yourself a bit crafty ? A bunch a friendly crafters will
    be ready to help you create your own unique LED bracelet or necklace.

    To find us, check out this site map for the Mindfield area.