Seevl – Presentation on reinventing music discovery Tuesday 17th May @7:30 @091labs

The guys from will give a short presentation at the space on their start-up this Tuesday at 7:30pm.

Seevl provides new ways to explore the cultural and musical universe of your favorite artists, and lets you discover new ones by understanding how they are connected. We offer a new and unique music discovery user-experience, whether it is by browsing artists themselves, labels, genres, and more – or by combining these features together. Further, we let you comment every piece of data and engage in conversations about those. Last but not least, and since we love data as much as music, we let you access our data so that you can build application that rock on top of it.

Seevl is a spin-out of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The Digital Enterprise Research Institute is the world’s largest Research Institute working on Semantic Web technologies, and the company brings together several years of R&D on the Semantic Web, Linked Data and Web Science. The company is an outcome of the Lion2 project funded by Science Foundation Ireland.



Transition Galway – Green Drinks this Thursday 8pm @Kelly’s

Transition Galway  have been meeting at 091labs every Wednesday at 8pm. They are a great group that has been adding diversity to the makerspace. They will also keep having Film screenings on sustainability topics at the space.

This time they are hosting the second Galway Green Drinks events this Thursday the 5th May at 8pm in Kelly’s Bar on Bridge Street Galway.

Dr. Frances Fahy will be the guest speaker at this event. Frances is a lecturer in Environmental Geography in NUIG and she will give a short talk on her work at the university. Frances’ primary research interests are in the field of environmental planning and sustainability, specifically the social and cultural consequences of environmental change. 

Tea/coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available at the bar. All are welcome!

About Green Drinks: once a month in 448 cities around the world people with an interest in green issues get together to chat, share ideas and raise a glass/cup to a brighter and more positive future. Transition Galway are organising Green Drinks Galway.

Maria Honig and the Southern Ocean

Hey everyone, you should join us for Maria’s talk on Monday at 7pm.

Maria Honig

Sailing away from Cape Town’s shores on the 17th of September 2008, there was no certainty of me visiting all the magical places I had seen in photographs and coffee table books. As a marine biologist and avid seabird lover, it was my dream to observe albatrosses during their short visits to pristine sub-Antarctic islands scattered in the southern ocean.

No sooner had I discovered that it was possible to sail there, I initiated a process that would take me on a voyage that I would never forget. In my talk I will give you a maritime glimpse of my adventures to lands surrounding the most productive oceanic corner of the Southern Ocean, the Scotia Sea. After hitchhiking to the Falkland Islands, I crewed on expedition yachts to South Georgia, the Beagle channel, Cape Horn and finally Antarctica. Notes on the geography, climate, oceanography, history, demographics, wildlife and some quirky stories during my month-long stays will inspire the adventurer in you.

Some boats offered luxury, some boats offered warmth, some boats offered security, but none offered all of the above. The Southern Ocean is an unmerciful force of nature, a challenge for any sailor who dares attempt to discover its glorious jewels!

Please join me, Maria Honig, as I take you through my photographic quest.

Ignite at 091labs

The first time I went to Ignite was at the Science Gallery in Dublin last year. It turned out to be my favorite event in Ireland hands down. There were really cool people talking on stage for 5 minutes about wicked topics, and best of all was the atmosphere chilled and relaxed. The format was so prone to have interesting discussions with new people around you. I’m incredibly excited to bring this event to 091labs and gather as many interesting people as possible.

Ignite has spread has spread like wildfire across over 200 cities worldwide being a springboard for local movers and shakers who accept the challenge as encapsulated by the Ignite motto: “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”
Speakers have 5 minutes to get their idea across – with twenty slides which revolve every 15 seconds on the screen. There’s no time for waffle. You get up there and tell your tale. We will set up a cool loungy environment with LOADS of bean bags, and some cool technology that will everyone on the day.

This is the list of local smart speakers:

Mark Conguista from Cisco’s R&D labs will be showing the West why some say he’s the Tommy Tiernan of stand-up brain blasting.
Naoise Nunn on Leviathan and Mindfield
Ina O’Murchu ( on a barmy mix of campness and fashion
Gavin Duffy ( on 3D Galway
Jack Kinsella ( on Bolivia
Sarah O’Toole (actress-director) on all things theatrical
Mark Grealish (091labs-photographer/hacker) on the myth of privacy
Barry Coughlan (091labs-hacker) on “citation needed: the information revolution”
Maria Gallo (NUIG researcher) on why graduates should not sever ties with the alumni
Michael Hogan (NUIG researcher) on spirituality and systems
Eric van Lente (NUIG researcher) on the Defensive Self
Gerald Glynn (activist-scientist) on PI and the golden ratio
Nina O’Brien (Stitch&Bitch) on a stich in time
Ellen Dudley ( on digesting sugar

So if you want to chill, talk, be inspired, meet cool people,  discover local iconoclasts,  or simply fancy a stimulating Friday night out; these talks are designed for you.  Admission is a nominal €5 & free for 091labs members! This Friday at 8pm!!!!

The Eclectic day at the Labs.

I have always wanted to have a physical space where I could go and have interesting discussions with people and learn from amazing projects touching a wide range of disciplines, and finally I have it at 091labs.

Tomorrow something really cool is going to happen at the hackerspace: it’s the day when a truly diverse, eclectic mix of people will come together to learn from each other, and everything kicks off at 1 pm.

Emma Creighton’s Jogo project struck me when I first saw it at 3DCamp in Dublin. She built it in a desire to explore different ways that an interactive platform could stimulate physical and social play between adults and children, instead of through the screens of video games. She is coming along and bringing Jogo with her to talk about the process behind it, and how it works.

Dave McKeown from spoke twice at Ignite Dublin. He is passionate about exploring the human sense of achievement that comes from creating and making things. He is coming to talk, and he is bringing super cool solar powered robot kits with him, for 10 lucky folk to piece together in the true spirit of people coming together to make things. Make night by day.

If that wasn’t enough, after all that there will be an art performance by local artists and a poetry smack down to top off the evenings events.

Don’t miss out on the day. Come along, get involved, make something, share something, and very importantly have fun!