Meeting tonight (Tuesday) at Club Arus na nGael – 8pm

There will be a meeting for all interested in 091 Labs’ current developments tonight at 8pm in Club Arus na nGael on Dominick Street Lower (Location here: Things to be discussed are our exact member numbers, ideas for workshops until we find a permanent space and the most up-to-date news on our hunt for a new space.

Hope to see you there at 8pm. Apologies to those who got a tweet last night about last week’s meeting. That was sent in error. Silly technology…

Meetup tonight at 7pm

There will be an informal public meetup for all interested in 091 Labs’ current developments this evening at 7pm in The Cellar Bar & Restaurant on Eglinton Street (across from Brown Thomas). Things to be discussed will be our continuing search for a new space, and upcoming events such as 3Dcamp in Limerick. We will also be discussing workshops which we can run in the interim between now and finding a new home.
Hope to see you there!

3Dcamp in Limerick next month

3Dcamp, the “un-conference Barcamp which looks at The Internet Beyond Web 2.0″, will be running on Saturday June 11th in the University of Limerick. Areas of interest include:

  • 3D visualizations (Blender, Sketchup),
  • Gestural Interfaces (Kinect)
  • Robotics
  • Gaming
  • Mapping mashups, GPS,
  • Location based Services (LBSs),
  • Haptics and augmented toys (eg. Wiimote hacks),
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual worlds (Second Life, the Metaverse),
  • Mirror worlds (Google Earth and Virtual Earth),
  • Interactive art installations
  • …and all things 3D.

There will be plenty of hacking-related talks and workshops this year on subjects such as “Tracking objects in 3D space” by Jeffrey Roe of TOG hackerspace in Dublin, “Escapism, Pedal Through Google Streetview On A Stationary Bike”, by Lette Moloney, and “How I built a Sheep Herding Robot” by Niall Dempsey. Registration is from 9am, with specific building details to follow. Attendance is free and all are welcome to the event.

You can keep up to date with all the latest details at:

Ubuntu 11.04 CDs are in!

A huge thanks to the good folks at Ubuntu Ireland for sending us a shipment of CDs for the latest iteration of the world’s favourite Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu. Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” introduces a brand-new user interface in the form of Unity. Unity is a sleek and modern UI, which takes a lot of inspiration from both Windows 7 and Mac OS X, and even mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, maximising efficiency while maintaining the much-loved eye candy.

As a not-for-profit hackerspace, these CDs are extremely important to us. They allow us to run introductory classes for those who haven’t used Linux before. They allow us to introduce members of the public to the philosophies of free software, and that copying and redistribution of open source software like Ubuntu is not only perfectly legal, but highly encouraged. We may not have a space for the time being, but once we move to a new home we hope to run many Ubuntu-centric events.

Please take this opportunity to visit the Ubuntu Ireland website and find out what they do, why it’s important and why we should support them:

To find out more about Ubuntu, visit:

Linux Server Admin Tutorial this Tuesday

This Tuesday March 15th at 7pm, Shane Tuohy, Chief Admin from NUI Galway’s Computer Society, will be giving a system admin tutorial for basic management of Linux servers. Shane will demonstrate the command line tools required and expected of all sysadmins, including an “Admin Toolbox”, a guide to essential server maintenance and an explanation of Linux file permissions.

All are welcome to attend. The class is just €5 for members of the public and free for 091 Labs members!