Movie Night

El Espiritu de la Colmena,

It took a long time to Victor Erice to create his first full feature movie which to English was translated as The Spirit of the Beehive This master piece of world cinema is about the land of fairy tails, human imagination, monsters and the beauty of the innocent life of the youth. Set in the Spain just shortly after the end of the Civil War we can experience the life in the small village in countryside which is just waking up from a deep nightmare to the new era. This movie was created just at the end of the reign of the dictator Franco in 1973.

The feature will be shown on Sunday 4th of September at 20:00 in our new hacker space on a big screen with Spanish audio on English subtitles. Short videos and music will precede.

I’m looking forward to see you all there,



Electricity at last!

091 labs is moving up in the world: we’ve got electricity.

Our weekly board game night moves back to the space, starting tonight, Thursday, at 7 PM. Keep an eye out for other upcoming events, or join us and plan your own.

We’re at 47 Eyre Square, just above Kennedy’s pub.

091 labs at 47 Eyre Square (open door)
Welcoming you to 091 labs

Tuesday 8 PM: Digital remains talk by NUIG’s Damien McCallig

Ever wondered what happens to your online accounts, when you’re no longer around to decide about them? Join us at 091Labs (47 Eyre Square above Kennedy’s Pub) Tuesday at 8PM for a free lecture & discussion of digital remains with Damien McCallig.

Topics might include:

  • Who inherits my digital items after I die?
  • Can my heirs use my passwords to access my accounts? (If so how did they get them?)
  • Are online service providers obliged to hand over access to online accounts or content to my next-of-kin?
  • Can I decide who inherits my online life?
  • Do I have a right to be forgotten or a right to oblivion?
  • Who can re-use my online accounts or digital data after I die?
  • In what context or purpose can digital remains be used by third parties?

And any other questions you might think of.

Damien’s research is in “The Law of Digital Remains: Reconciling the dignity and interests of the deceased with those of the living”. He is a Ph.D. Candidate, in NUI Galway’s School of Law, funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Moved in!

Just 24 hours after signing our new lease, 091 Labs is moved in. Yesterday was a day of heavy lifting. I caught the aftermath on film. Sadly, I didn’t snap a picture of Mariah’s special Bailey’s cake before we consumed it.

Our new space is at 47 Eyre Square, just above Kennedy’s pub. (Maps are on the About page.) For now we’re sorting out all the utilities that come with a new home: electricity, internet, keys… as well as starting the unpacking in earnest.

We’re planning some great events in the upcoming weeks. Mark your calendar for Irish Hackerspaces Week (Saturday the 20th of August to Sunday the 28th of August), and consider subscribing to our Events calendar and this blog.

091 members out in numbers
091 Labs in motion
091's youngest hacker
The night view of Eyre Square out our window. Convenient for watching for the bus!
Kebabs courtesy of our neighbours, The Charcoal Grill. Delicious boozy chocolate cake courtesy of Mariah!
Relaxing after the move

Thanks are also due to Gerry & Patrick Kavanagh for assistance in storing and moving stuff at relatively short notice, Michael O’Connor (for help with storage) as well as Radek Panek, Marcus Quinlan, Carles Sentis and Seán for their time, fuel and vehicles when ferrying members and our collected crap from pillar to post when both moving out of the old space and moving into this one. Not to mention, everyone who turned up to lend a hand with the heavy lifting. Thanks one and all!

Hack the Planet

Having the hackerspace tent at MindField was an amazing experience. There will be some blog posts put up about various happenings throughout the weekend, but loved this photo so much, wanted to put it here for posterity.

Hack The Planet