Homebrewing Classes and Tutorials


Lucky Labrador Beer Hall, Portland, OR
“Beer Goggles” by afagan on Flickr


Starting on the 17th of August 091 Labs will be hosting beginner brewing workshops with a local home brewer every Saturday for a period of 4 weeks (or until the end brews are ready to collect).

The cost of this workshop is €25pp and you will get to bring home 20 bottles/20 pints/10 litres of their brew at the end of the course.  You can also buy another starter kit at the end at cost price (€35) to do your own home homebrewing!
The course will be run with 2 people per brew kit (basically sharing the workload and end product brew).

You can register for the event on Facebook here or email events@091labs.com.



Please note that there will be a minimum of ten attendees so it is important to get in touch with us to confirm your place.

Brewing equipment
“Brewing Equipment” by rich_childs on Flickr

Week 1: (First meeting) – you will sit down with Geoff, homebrewer extraordinaire, who will explain the differences between the  different kinds of beers, explain the process of brewing (fermentation, bottling etc) and a trip to local craft beer pub The Salthouse for examples of beer styles (there will be a charge of €2 per attendee for sample platters). Attendees will pick what type of type of brew you want to make for the classes.

Week 2: The brewing proper begins.
Week 3, 4 or maybe 5: Teaching of proper bottling sterilisation and bottling of brew until it is completed.

The brewing classes will take place in the homebrewing corner of our hardware area at 091 Labs and tutorials/discussions will be held in the main room, usually for a few hours from noon on the Saturday. The brew buckets and other equipment will be supplied and stored in the brewing area.

This is a strictly over-18s event, ID will be required if necessary.



Gaming LAN Postponed – New Date 15th June

Hi all,


Sorry for the inconvenience but we have to postpone the LAN 2 weeks so we can supply some equipment that we need

Keep an eye on our Facebook for more updates and as always, spread the word around so everyone knows!

Again please accept my apologies, hopefully the 2 week delay will mean we’re better organised to give you a great event!


Ciaran – Events Officer

Gaming LAN 1st June – Postponed!


**Warning – This event is postponed a week! NEW DATE 15TH OF JUNE Sorry for the inconvenience **

We will be running a LAN on the 1st of June and a gaming Tournament with prizes on the same day. Doors open at noon so you have some time to set up your rigs, grab a coke from our fridge and get comfortable. The tournaments should start at 2pm. The event will run till late.

Here is a list of the games and prizes we are currently considering, they are picked because most people can play them and some of the prizes are donated

Counter Strike Source
Age of Empires
Call of Duty – Gun Game
*Super Secret*

Borderlands 2
Unreal Pack
€5 tuck shop
*Super Secret*

€10 entry fee for the event (regardless of time of arrival)
Matches will be set up and game modes picked by referee
No cheating etc
Tournaments start at 2pm

See you all there!

Ciaran – Events Officer

Avengers Movie Marathon! Monday 6th May.

Hi all,

091Labs will be hosting a private Avengers Movie marathon day/night viewing on Monday 6th May from 1200 to 00:00 roughly

This is a come and go event with a voluntary donation to the Labs on entry of €5 to fund our new projector and roof mount.

Snacks and soft drinks can be purchased from the tuck shop and we will stock microwave popcorn for this event. Members can also bring their own food if they like.

We will be opening the front door for this and will start the screening at 12. The order of screening will be:

  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Thor
  • Avengers Assemble
Please share with as many people as possible and we hope to see you there!

3D printing workshop and Open Day Saturday 13.04.2013

Copyed and pasted from my blogpost

So I had to go and sort out work placement for the final module of my course. The problem? No where was hiring me! The place that I was meant to go to pulled out, no one else was taking interns and no one was hiring… solutions people? I need solutions!

Step 1 – Start your own Company

Step 2 – Do work placement there

Step 3 – ???

Step 4 – Profit (literally)


So I set up a 3D Printing and calibration company in Galways hackerspace 091labs with the help of a few members who donated the use of 2 printers, 1 which hadn’t been completed and the other broken. I was also given a 3D scanner and a broken CNC milling machine and told to go nuts. And nuts i have gone!




After completing the Mendel90 printer and started running test prints I quickly discovered that 20 m of filament is not enough so i ordered close to €250 worth of roll to get myself off the ground. Its a scare position to put myself in considering the only food i have is whats left in my self and I have no idea where next months rent is coming from. I already have one client and an event coming up to work on that will hopefully take the bit out of most of that receipt but more work needs to be found before I can relax and get comfortable. One of my major advantages is that I’m the only company in Galway offering these services for now, and with the constant flow of artists, students, tourists and entrepreneurs I shouldn’t have an issue sourcing work. But the sooner I have 2 operational printers the better.


First Calibration Piece

So should you be a student in need of a final year project, an artist looking for a model, an entrepreneur looking for a rapid prototype or simply a handyman looking for a replacement part or repair, drop me a comment or email ciaran@091labs.com for a cheap and cheerful service.