Ignite Galway: A Fistful of Speakers

ignite_galway-01Here’s more of our speaker list for tomorrow’s Ignite event!

  • The first two that I want to mention are Frank McCurry and Philip Cloherty. They are both serving as board members for the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland.
    • Philip will be talking on ‘Saving our Technological Heritage from the Dumpster’,
    • and Frank is going to explain the Origins of Radio.
  • Next up is Michael O’Connor from 091 Labs and he’s planning to talk on Transhumanism, Human+, and the Future of our Species.
  • Shane Marks, game developer and free software hacker, is going to let everyone in on the recent and ongoing revival in the Pirate Party of Ireland.
  • Michael Kerrin of HP and Python Galway wants to tell you about CoderDojo and how free, relaxed, and open learning is a great benefit to young people.
  • And Seamus Sheridan of Sheridans Cheesemongers is going to talk Socialism & Food.

So make sure to pop down to Kelly’s tomorrow at 8pm!

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