Ignite Galway #5 – 27/6/13 – calling all potential speakers!

ignite_galway-01Hey there,

We’re planning to run Ignite Galway #5 on Thursday, June 27th from 8pm in Kelly’s but we need a few more speakers to go ahead. Last time, we had to postpone when a few speakers had to cancel last minute. We didn’t have enough backup speakers to really make it a good time for everyone and we don’t want that to happen this time =)

So if you’d be interested in giving a 5 minute talk on a topic that interests you, please email ignite@091labs.com before the end of this Sunday, Jun 16th, and let us know!

Ignite is a global lightning presentation format where speakers have five minutes and twenty timed slides to enlighten and inspire the audience about their chosen topic. Entry is €5 and the enlightenment is free!

The talk can be on whatever topic you want. The only thing we ask is that it be something that inspires you, something that you’d like to share with others.

And don’t to worry about making the most perfect talk ever either, we actually prefer our talks to be a bit rough and ready as the event is itself. The aim is to have fun, have a laugh, have a pint, enjoy the night, and maybe learn something and get inspired too =)


What we need:

  • 5 minutes of you talking on your topic.
  • 20 slides made by you that we can run in the background (they’ll autoforward every 15 seconds).
  • The slides saved in .ppt, .odp, and .pdf because something always goes wonky with presentations!

Steps to making a talk:

  • Figure out the story you want to tell, it can be whatever you want!
  • Write down the 5 main points you want to mention – that’s one minute each.
  • Get 4 pictures for each of those points that’ll help it flow in the background.
  • Turn the photos into slides and add some text if need be.
  • Tweak the above to your personal preferences afterwards.

If you want some ideas as to how they usually go, check out the playlist of our past Ignite talks. Below is one by Eoin Madden about Organ Donation, and Zombies!

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