Galway Game Jam #1 – Magnetism

On 9 March 2013 091labs hosted the first Galway Game Jam. Our theme was magnetism. We had a few people who came all the way from Dublin and some people who had never made a game before! Most teams were using Unity, others were using SDL and LWJGL.

Here is a creation from Team Spacenetic:


Other teams unfortunately didn’t finish mostly due to having to leave early to get buses. Hopefully we will post some more creations or screenshots over the coming days.

Huge thanks to everyone who turned up and huge thanks to 091labs for allowing us to use the space.

The next Galway Game Jam event is penciled in for 15 June 2013. Location TBC.

Here are some pictures from the day (We need to fix the lights):

About Galway Game Jam

Galway Game Jam is a regular event held quarterly to to encourage interaction, collaboration and creativity for those interested in games development in Galway.

Galway Game Jam Website

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