GLUG – Galway Linux User Group – BYOB Distro Night!

Galway Linux User Group (GLUG) will have their September meetup in 091 Labs on Wednesday 5th from 7pm.

The theme is: BYOB Distro Night!

Everyone is welcome to bring down their favourite Linux, GNU, BSD or other Unixen distribution on USBs, CDs, VM or hard-drive to share, test, impress, flame and shame with your fellow nerds.

And for those who are new to or completely inexperienced in Linux: Be not afraid! It’s not just for us hardcore coder-types. Linux is running in the servers of most major websites and is the brain of all Android phones. Linux desktop distros have come along leaps and bounds in the last decade in terms of usability, ease of install, and will have most, if not all, of your usual software available or very awesome alternatives.

Pop down and get a crash course in how to run a Linux OS alongside (or instead of) your current Operating System of choice (probably Windows). We’ll show you how easy it is to revive that old laptop or PC to (pretty much) as good as new!

For the PC gamers: Valve (makers of Steam, Half-Life, hats, etc) is currently working very hard on avoiding making Half Life 3 to bring all of Steam to Linux-based platforms, in particular Ubuntu, as they find Windows 8 to be currently quite horrid for making games on. So be in before the big change!

It’ll be BYOB (bring-your-own-booze for those not in the know) with the massive fee of €1 to cover the getting of food.

GLUG meets up on the first Wednesday of every month. Join their mailing list to get involved!

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