Galway Home Brewer’s Club meeting – Wed July 25th @ 7pm

The good folks of the Galway Home Brewer’s club are hosting their monthly meeting here in the ‘labs this month. All are welcome. As they put it themselves:

The Galway Homebrewers Club is having a meeting at 091 Labs on Wednesday July 25th at 7pm – all are welcome.
For anyone who is curious about brewing or is thinking about giving it a go, this is a great opportunity to get in touch with Galway’s homebrewing community who will be only too happy to share their experiences, advice, tips and recipes – getting them to stop talking about the subject may be difficult!
For the brewers out there:
  • If have any brews that you would like to share, you are invited to bring along a couple of samples for a bring-and-taste.
  • If not, don’t worry – come along anyway.
See you there!

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