TALK: “Updating Irish Copyright Law for the 21st Century” – July 3rd @ 8pm

We’ve got a pretty awesome and interesting talk happening here in the Labs on Tuesday of next week.

Rónán Kennedy from the NUI Galway Law Department will be talking about how Irish copyright law is changing for the 21st century.

Detailing, discussing and explaining the way Ireland has been dealing with their part in the global copyright upheaval over the last 10 years, Rónán will be talking through it starting at IRMA vs Eircom and the “three strikes and you’re out” policy, then moving on through the response by the Data Commissioner, EMI vs UPC and the result #StopSopaIreland campaign. Rónán will also be covering the Copyright Review Committee and their 86 questions for trying to modernise Irish copyright law.

The talk will start just a little after 8pm so be sure to get in early!

About Rónán:

Rónán Kennedy is a member of the Law School at the National University of Ireland Galway. He has published articles on online virtual worlds, climate change law and policy and other topics in Irish, European and American legal journals. He is Programme Director for the LL.M. in Law, Technology and Governance. He was called to the Bar of Ireland in 2003 and graduated from New York University with an LL.M. in General Studies. His research focuses on the relationship between information and communications technology and environmental regulation.

Prior to his legal career, Rónán also worked as a programmer, systems analyst and network administrator from 1993 to 2000.

You can find out more about Rónán at and his Twitter: @ronanmkennedy

More Details:

Full title: “#StopSopaIreland, Keyboard Warriors and 86 Questions: Updating Irish Copyright Law for the 21st Century”

This presentation deals with recent developments in copyright law in Ireland. It begins by considering the litigation between the music industry and the country’s largest Internet service provider, Eircom, in 2009, which was settled with an agreement by the latter to operate a “three strikes and you’re out” policy. It also discusses the subsequent attempts by the Data Protection Commissioner to halt the operation of this protocol. It then discusses the significant decision of the High Court in the EMI v UPC case (2010), which highlighted a gap in the the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000. When the Irish government proposed legislation to fill this gap, it was strongly opposed under the slogan #StopSopaIreland but nonetheless became law. Finally, it examines the ongoing review by the Copyright Review Committee, which has posed eighty-six questions for the Irish copyright industry and public to answer as it tries to formulate proposals for modernizing Irish copyright law.

So again, next Tuesday, July 3rd at 8pm! in 091 Labs – it’s on Eyre Square in Galway!* =)

About 091 Labs:

091 Labs is the makerspace for Galway City. It’s a community of creative and fun people who enjoy getting involved in tech, the arts, crafting and basically anything that sounds interesting!

Completely off topic:

I’m currently in Dublin about to head to the Science Gallery for a meeting of the Dublin Maker Faire peeps. Maker Faire is on July 14th up here and 091 Labs will be attending!

And speaking of attending. We’ll also be in the ‘Communications, Computers & Innovation Through the Ages‘ tent during the Volvo Ocean Race each day between 6pm and 8pm from this Sunday July 1st until the following Sunday. We’ll be showing off a bunch of stuff!

Also, Galway Linux User Group meeting on Wednesday 4th @ 8pm in an as-yet undisclosed pub!



*edited in where we are. (Cheers Tom for pointing that out!)

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