Local print company sponsors our 3D printer!

We are very pleased to announce that local Galway City business Right Price Ink has pledged €400 to 091 Labs to go towards the construction of our new 3D Printer!!

Names from left: Oisin Greaney, Padraic Harley, Ciaran McCool, Conor Hoary, Domhnall Walsh, Aaron Hastings, Michael O’Connor, Matthew Kolder, Derek Naughton (Right Price Ink), Alan Keaveney, John Sheehan


Ciaran "O'Toole" Mc Cool

Great boost for us!! :D


Cool!! i wonder what kind of designs you need exactly..? for example, can you download the designs found in this website & use them on your 3D printer?? or do you have to go & design your own?!!



Hey Jack,

iirc, the designs can be made in CAD or Blender or Google Sketchup =)




Now that is cool! In 10 years a house on every block will have one on their network.

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