Pizza, Python, Posters, LANs and user groups.

WARNING: This might be a bit of a long post. Some parts of it have been waiting a while because blogging is the devil.

First off, we’d like to thank our friends at Four Star Pizza. We had our AGM (minutes here!) back at the end of November and they gave us a few pizzas for it. Now that Christmas is over and we’re well into the new year we figure that people have enough money again to be spending on random stuff… like pizza. Anyway, they have a new menu and a few deals going at the minute and we’d recommend having a look at them!


Next on the list is Python.

Python Ireland‘s Galway branch is going to be having it’s first meeting of the new year in the bar of the Forster Court Hotel this Wednesday, February 15th, from 7.30pm until 9/10ish and are inviting people to attend. There’ll be some finger food and they’ll be discussing all (or at least some) things Python.

We should be starting our Beginner Python class in a few weeks so keep an eye out for it! It continues on from our Python from Non-Programmers class last November which was showing the general basics of programming. This one will go into a bit more depth.



Posters and such.

A few months ago, we asked on Facebook what people would like to see more of in the Labs. You can click on the picture to see a bigger version. One of the requests was more dinosaurs… and laser beams. And by gum we delivered! We asked Chris Hastings of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja for a suggestion from his recent storyline and he suggested this one.

That’s a picture of the print that currently adorns a wall of the Labs. We’re using it as an example of what we’ll try and do for our members and not as a way of showing that some members have too much money to spend on frivolous expenditure!

About the other things people were looking for:

  • Open days – we have Open Night on Tuesdays from 7pm and anyone is welcome to pop down to that. Most days of the week we’ll have people in from 5pm and events from 7pm so just buzz our intercom if you’re nearby. If you’re coming from out of town, drop an email to our mailing list to see if people are free!
  • Home brewing and electronics workshops – Our members are currently writing up and planning workshops for both and we’ll be sending out word for them as soon as we can nail down dates and we’ll document everything that happens.
  • Mac user group (see below) and podcast – still trying to find a member willing to do a podcast =(




This Friday is our February LAN! It’ll be starting at 6pm and continuing until the wee hours of Saturday. Entry is €10 for non-members. Details of it are on Facebook at



User Groups

The Galway Linux User Group had their first meeting of the year in the Labs two weeks ago. They meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 8pm, with a chat or talk about Linux and other things and then they go for a few pints. They’ll be meeting again on the 7th of March and the main topic currently up for discussion is GUIs. If anyone wants to give a talk at that, drop an email to their mailing list linked above!

Some people were asking for a Galway Mac User Group so we’re looking into organising a test run in a few weeks. If anyone is interested in helping out, email [info at 091 labs dot com].


That’s about it for now, if anyone wants to discuss anything mentioned today, pop onto our mailing list at and have a chat! We also have the Facebook page and Twitter account if you’re into those sorts of things.

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