DIY Home Automation talk – Tuesday March 6th at 7pm

Next week, Gerry Kavanagh will be in to talk about DIY Home Automation with Open Source Software.

If you’ve ever wondered how to control, monitor and fine-tune the processes in your house, then I can’t recommend this talk to you enough!

  • Learn how to control your home via your PC – Interface Linux with X10 Home Automation Controllers
  • Learn about the various types of controller that are available (Lighting, Heating, Sensors etc)
  • Interacting with the control system – Web GUIs, CLIs and Mobile Interfaces (SMS)
  • See a real-world example (Custom written heating control system using Text Messaging)
  • Get the source to the above tool!

The talk will be held on Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm. There’ll be a charge of €5 for non-members with all proceeds going towards the continued running of the Labs.

Author: Padraic

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5 thoughts on “DIY Home Automation talk – Tuesday March 6th at 7pm”

  1. Looking forward to this too. I would be interested to hear inputs on comparison with some of the newer schemes such as zwave.. but probably more importantly how we can make these tools easy to use (intuitively) by anybody ( big part of waf..)

  2. Hi Brian:

    We’ll have to ask Gerry about that – it’s a bit different to present content to people present in a room than is to present it with an aim to be some sort of tutorial for the Internet at large.

    Frankly, I’m not sure if we can get a concrete answer and/or the technology organized in time to do this. While people are okay with moderately crappy video on such things, generally, most folks are more particular when it comes to audio, and we hadn’t prepared anything with that in mind, sorry.

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