Christmas Shindig-type thing! Tonight!

Hey folks:

Whether you’re wearing a tinsel scarf (itchy much?) or grumping “bah humbug” these days, those of us in the labs are having a little shindig this evening. Things are being baked, eggs are being nogged, brews are being homed (!?) and various machinations are afoot in order to bring government sanctioned Christmas cheer at gunpoint fun, frolics and festivities to the ‘space tonight. Yes, those of us who do not pray at the altar of the book of Faces are a little behind the times, it seems, as this was posted there a week or so ago.

Whether you’ve been in to the space before or not, drop in, say hello, and (if you can) bring something party-shaped, preferably of a food/drink nature. It’ll be a casual affair, and will kick off around 7/8…ish.

On the subject of Christmas, I want this tree:

Bet these "fairy lights" cost a bit to run!
Tesla Coil Christmas Tree!!!

You can find out more about the Christmas tree here if you haven’t seen it before.

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