091 Labs AGM!

Hi all,

Tuesday, November 29th, has been voted by the members as the day for 091 Labs’ first AGM.

I think it calls for a bit of celebration too so if there are any suggestions, please reply on the mailing list!

Meeting in the space from 7pm and we’ll try to start from 7.30 or so…


If there are agenda items that you think need to be raised regarding the long-term continuation of the Labs, drop me an email (padraic [at] 091labs) and I’ll compile them. These could include but are not limited to: changes to the constitution, committee election, membership and dues, etc.

Deadline for sending agenda items will be 6pm next Monday, November 28th, and I will be sending out that full agenda at 7pm. Extra info related to each item that needs to be supplied please send attached in the email.

Feel free to add opinions on the public or private mailing list!


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