Rupture: Street Fighter Tournament. Saturday, 15th October.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Tournament

While first person shooters and war games grew more and more popular over the years, there is one genre that always stood proud in the world of competitive gaming. That is – the fighting game genre!

With regular tournaments being held all over Ireland (including Dublin and Cork), it’s time Galway got it’s chance to fight the good fight.

Rupture will be held in 091 Labs (above Kennedy’s pub) in Eyre Square on Saturday 15th October, where Galway’s finest fighters can battle it out on a number of Xbox 360’s to prove their worth in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. With a €10 entrance fee and a chance to win quite a bit more, Rupture will be an incredibly intense and fun competition, as players are travelling from all over to compete. And for the full effect, we’ll be showing the grand finals on a big screen!

Registry will take place between 12-1pm on Saturday 15th October, with the tournament starting soon afterwards. So be sure to turn up early to secure your place in the tournament, and to warm up with a few casual fights too.

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