Movie Night

For this Sunday movie I have something different after the brilliant and equally scary “the tunnel”. This time I have something for our member artist and any art lover that want to join us this Sunday night to watch David Choe feature film Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe.

As always the movie night are open to the public, we will start around 9pm in 091 Labs, 47 Eyre Sq. above Kennedy’s Pub

Plot Summary (from IMDB – Ratings: 8.4/10)
Dirty Hands delivers an intense portrait of David Choe, a young near-schizophrenic street artist that devises numerous criminal schemes that afford him to hitchhike across the globe. David skirts the legal constraints of society to “freely” create his art in the public space. His nonchalant law-breaking style lands him in jail several times leading to his eventual demise in solitary confinement in a Tokyo prison cell. He resurfaces with a radically religious agenda and returns home with hope to overcome his criminal temptations and repair his severed relationships. We see David’s unwillingness to grow up, his struggle to make it as an artist and his fight to hold on to his sanity for his life and burgeoning art career.

Watch the trailer

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